2011-02-03 Olivier Bergermerge florian: more unicode testing
2011-02-03 Olivier Bergermerge florian: unicode handling
2011-02-03 Olivier BergerMerge florian
2011-02-03 Olivier BergerMerge from florian's : Remove useless stuff
2011-02-03 Olivier BergerA few more details about git
2011-02-03 obergerTypo
2011-02-03 obergerAdd some support for the Forge identification meta...
2011-02-03 obergerAdded quick&dirty Redmine detection
2011-01-21 obergerFirst bits for prober code
2011-01-20 obergerFails nicely when config option is missing in .cfg...
2011-01-20 obergerMore details
2010-12-23 obergercheckpoint
2010-12-23 obergerAdd local shape to prefix
2010-12-23 obergerFix typo in prefix
2010-12-23 obergerNew BeautifulSoup version (latest upstream)
2010-12-20 obergercheckpoint
2010-12-20 obergerHandle attachments as sioc:attachment link
2010-12-20 obergerAdd URI to track original url of attachments
2010-12-20 obergerAdd URLs
2010-12-20 obergerAdd cardinality in shapes to correctly handle multi...
2010-12-20 obergerCheckpoint with fixed URLs
2010-12-20 obergerAdd marker to track multi-valued fields and add cardina...
2010-12-17 obergercheckpoint
2010-12-17 obergerAdd history and fix artifacts urls
2010-12-17 obergerDon't take into account assigned to Nobody
2010-12-17 obergerFix broken URI
2010-12-17 obergerAdd URL of tracker artifact
2010-12-17 obergerSimplify mapping : no more lambda, and add history...
2010-12-17 obergerAdd discussions/comments and proper linking to dc creat...
2010-12-17 obergerCheckpoint now with proper shapes
2010-12-17 obergerProper handling of custom attributes according to shapes
2010-12-17 obergerAdd standardized URI should it be useful
2010-12-17 obergercheckpoint
2010-12-17 obergerAdd start of OSLC resource shape support for custom...
2010-12-17 obergerAdd tool name
2010-12-17 obergerUsing table_iter instead, and fix URL of lists to listi...
2010-12-17 obergerAdding tools names
2010-12-17 obergerMore readable
2010-12-16 obergercheckpoint
2010-12-16 obergerFix scraping of roles
2010-12-16 obergerMany things added
2010-12-16 obergerHandle correctly all roles
2010-12-16 obergerAdd support for tools description
2010-12-15 obergerPythonization
2010-12-15 obergerImprove to support 5.0 too
2010-12-15 obergerAdd new sioc:has_space
2010-12-15 obergerAdd most of the tools as sioc:has_space in project...
2010-12-15 obergerUpdate check results and remove debug message
2010-12-15 obergerAdd forums in project's sioc:has_space list
2010-12-15 obergerAdd link between project and trackers with sioc:has_space
2010-12-15 obergerAdding users and permissions
2010-12-15 obergerModularize trackers output and add users, roles and...
2010-12-15 obergerAdding URL in users and projects
2010-12-15 obergerMerge branch 'local'
2010-12-15 obergerAddition of project attributes
2010-12-15 obergerAdded start of plucking the project properties
2010-12-15 Olivier Bergerprepare for project attributes plucker class
2010-12-15 Olivier BergerAddition of project attributes
2010-12-15 Olivier BergerAdded start of plucking the project properties
2010-12-14 obergerUpdate reference test outputs
2010-12-14 obergerUpdate for new GenericTracker
2010-12-14 obergerAdding separator
2010-12-14 obergerFixing broken Savane (and probably others)
2010-12-13 obergerUpdate output format
2010-12-13 obergerIntegrate parsing of FF 4.8 and FF 5.0 in same parsing...
2010-12-13 obergerRestore status_id
2010-12-13 obergerRename update_nodb to better update_extrafields
2010-12-13 obergerAdd check to avoid failure
2010-12-13 obergerTypo fixes
2010-12-13 obergerVersion 3.1 is broken (acording to author's own site...
2010-12-13 obergerMore debug on trackers found
2010-12-13 obergerMessage in english
2010-12-13 obergerTake into account case of fusionforge not installed...
2010-12-13 obergerAdd utility function to return real URL
2010-12-13 obergerbetter message
2010-12-13 obergerAdd verbose level 3 for debugging urllib2 HTTPS traffic
2010-12-13 obergerFix params passing
2010-12-13 obergerPass verbosity to constructor to allow better debugging...
2010-12-08 obergerremove debug messages
2010-12-08 obergerremove useless import
2010-12-08 obergerUse the cache by default, but add option -r to disable...
2010-12-08 obergerMake use of params passed to the plucker
2010-12-08 obergerAdding passing of optional parameters to the contructor
2010-12-08 obergerAdding (and using)
2010-12-07 obergerSmall typo fixed
2010-12-07 obergerTweak the output properly for coclico format so that...
2010-12-07 obergerRemove overloading of the pluck_trackers() when all...
2010-12-07 obergerDon't convert status_id (will need to be reverted in...
2010-12-07 obergerAllow more sophisticated tracker list construction
2010-12-07 obergerAdd more options and reference output (with BeautifulSo...
2010-12-07 obergerConfig for coclico output format
2010-12-07 obergerUpdate
2010-12-07 obergerAdd config file for oslccmv2json output format test
2010-12-07 obergerAdd customization of the project to be plucked to allow...
2010-12-07 obergerAdd support for .cfg ConfigParser files for tests allow...
2010-12-07 obergerUpdate docstring
2010-12-06 obergerRemove debugging
2010-12-06 obergerOops : remove debugging message
2010-12-06 obergerAdd plucking of many other items than trackers
2010-12-06 obergerFix data structure parsing