Corrected version setting (flaw in last commit)
[forgeplucker:forgeplucker.git] / website /
2010-12-03 obergerUpdated to reflect tiny fix on a table
2010-02-16 ptdPush previous changes to web repo
2009-11-06 esrGna! publishing hook seems to work now.
2009-11-06 esrTesting webpage publishing.
2009-11-06 esrTesting Gna's supposedly repaired postcommit hook.
2009-11-05 esrTypo fixes.
2009-11-05 esrAdded a page of links to the blog entries that launched...
2009-11-05 esrYet another test of Gna's page publishing.
2009-11-05 esrThis is an attempt to get the webpages published.
2009-11-04 esrInitial commit of ForgePlucker.