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2014-01-10 William Theakerimproved input types for mobile devices master
2014-01-03 Jonas Haraldssonprevent form submit in player when adding tag
2014-01-02 Jonas HaraldssonAdd rhythmbox api key to clientcodes array
2014-01-02 Matt Leedisable this function for now, use templating displayEr...
2013-12-31 Mike SheldonAdd playlist parsing and playback to sailfish client
2013-12-31 Mike SheldonImplement login for sailfish client and add main menu
2013-12-31 Mike SheldonSend correct header type with playlists
2013-12-30 Mike SheldonGive correct header for getmobilesession
2013-12-30 Mike SheldonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2013-12-30 Mike SheldonBeginnings of a Sailfish client
2013-12-11 Jonas HaraldssonDisable registration
2013-10-12 Jonas Haraldssonuser.getrecenttracks from/to params
2013-10-12 Jonas HaraldssonMissing ;
2013-10-12 Jonas HaraldssonMissing ;
2013-10-08 Jonas Haraldssonremove nixtape/Auth dir
2013-10-08 Jonas Haraldssonchange content-type for json
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