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2013-10-05 Jonas Haraldssontypos master
2013-10-04 Jonas HaraldssonRefactor error template stuff
2013-09-29 Jonas Haraldssonnew client added to clients array
2013-09-29 Jonas HaraldssonMerge branch 'smarty3upgrade'
2013-09-29 Jonas HaraldssonMove $subject out of sendEmail()
2013-09-28 Jonas Haraldssonuse array() instead of [] (PHP 5.4 only)
2013-09-10 Jonas Haraldssonupdate qmmp url
2013-09-10 Jonas HaraldssonAdd new client code ecm
2013-08-27 Mike SheldonDon't use TEXT field as primary key (unsupported by...
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonFix coding standards for remote users
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonRemove link to stats page for remote users
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonDocument remote user's getXML method
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonBlacklist domains for an hour if federated GNU FM reque...
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonAdd check to see if calls to remote gnu fm installs...
2013-08-18 Mike SheldonMerge changes from master
2013-08-16 Rob MyersEscape apostrophes in site names passed to nixtape...
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