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2015-02-21 Francois MarierAdd PlanetFilter to my list of projects master
2015-02-19 Francois MarierShortened URL for InternetNZ
2015-01-15 Francois MarierUpdate IITP URL
2015-01-07 Francois MarierUse to host my GPG key and remove my SMIME key
2015-01-02 Francois MarierFix the width on the new INZ logo
2015-01-02 Francois MarierUpdate to the new INZ logo :(
2015-01-01 Francois MarierRemove the background of the SFconservancy logo
2015-01-01 Francois MarierUpgrade CC license
2015-01-01 Francois MarierReplace CAcert logo with SFConservancy
2014-11-22 Francois MarierAdd Niue to the list
2014-08-29 Francois MarierUpdate my avatars
2014-08-29 Francois MarierUpdate my main photo
2014-07-28 Francois MarierRemove OpenHatch
2014-07-13 Francois MarierTag my OpenPGP key
2014-07-06 Francois MarierInternetNZ's website is now available over HTTPS
2014-07-06 Francois MarierAdd New Caledonia
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