2013-05-04 Francois MarierTemporarily disable delegation to
2013-04-15 Francois MarierDelegate BrowserID auth to Ozten's
2013-04-15 Francois MarierAdd a rel=me attribute to the NPM link
2013-02-17 Francois MarierUpdate location
2012-11-06 Francois MarierRemove location and tweak last intro sentence
2012-11-06 Francois MarierOptimize text rendering for legibility
2012-08-06 Francois MarierNew URL for NPM profile page
2012-07-24 Francois MarierRemove -moz-border-radius from main stylesheet
2012-07-16 Francois MarierAdd empty .well-known directory
2012-07-01 Francois MarierNZCS is now known as the IITP
2012-05-16 Francois MarierOptimise images
2012-04-28 Francois MarierUpdate location and mention job at Mozilla
2012-04-09 Francois MarierUse precomposed iOS images to avoid effects being added
2012-03-07 Francois MarierAdd a link to my speakerdeck page
2012-02-07 Francois MarierAdd Linux Australia logo to homepage
2011-11-23 Francois MarierAdd the few badges that I know about
2011-11-05 Francois MarierAdd PyPI link
2011-11-03 Francois MarierFix & characters in Debian link
2011-11-03 Francois MarierAdd NPM to the same line as CPAN
2011-10-24 Francois MarierAdd a humans.txt file
2011-10-17 Francois MarierDebian: Link to my packages (QA page)
2011-10-11 Francois MarierProvide fonts in EOT format for IE
2011-10-11 Francois MarierMake transparent backgrounds work in IE
2011-10-11 Francois MarierOnly use the ie-workarounds stylesheet for IE < 9
2011-10-11 Francois MarierUse the same rounded corners everywhere (move to a...
2011-10-11 Francois MarierAdd IE-specific stylesheet to fix the background colours
2011-10-11 Francois MarierRevert "Add alternative CSS2 colours for the transparen...
2011-10-11 Francois MarierAdd alternative CSS2 colours for the transparent CSS3...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierRevert "Add a character set declaration"
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd missing dimensions to images (pagespeed warning)
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd empty robots.txt to allow access to everything
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd a page with links to various validators
2011-10-10 Francois MarierMove Pavatar to the headers so that the HTML validates
2011-10-10 Francois MarierApparently avatars should use the "logo" property,...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd avatar to my hCard through hidden <img> tag
2011-10-10 Francois MarierRevert "Attempt at including GPG and S/MIME keys inside...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd rel="me" attributes to connect my homepage to exter...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAttempt at including GPG and S/MIME keys inside my...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierFix small validation warning
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd my Pavatar
2011-10-10 Francois MarierMove apple touch icons to avatar/
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd a built-in hCard
2011-10-10 Francois MarierUpdate my CAcert S/MIME certificate
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd new UID to my key
2011-10-10 Francois MarierRevert "Use pt as a unit for font-size, not px!"
2011-10-10 Francois MarierSwitch to relative width to fix layout issues with...
2011-10-10 Francois MarierUse pt as a unit for font-size, not px!
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd apple-touch icons
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd a favicon
2011-10-10 Francois MarierAdd a character set declaration
2011-10-09 Francois MarierLossless image optimisations
2011-10-09 Francois MarierInitial commit