last changeTue, 17 Feb 2015 01:23:04 +0000 (14:23 +1300)
2015-02-17 Francois MarierAdd a chance to Ctrl+c the bisection master
2015-02-10 Francois MarierUse new domain name for
2015-01-25 Francois MarierAdd IMAP fingerprints for
2015-01-10 Francois MarierAdd DNSSEC trigger applet
2014-12-22 Francois MarierAdd a script for unattended "hg bisect -s"
2014-12-21 Francois MarierExit this script with the mach return code
2014-12-17 Francois MarierAdd mykolab SMTP to the mix
2014-11-26 Francois MarierRemove useless comment
2014-11-24 Francois MarierWrapper around znc and irssi
2014-10-23 Francois MarierAutomatically fix the CPU governor
2014-10-22 Francois MarierRe-enable the pulseaudio hack just in case
2014-10-22 Francois MarierTurn off automatic screen shutoff
2014-10-21 Francois MarierAdd an easy way to run cfx using my own nightly
2014-10-21 Francois MarierAdd a cronjob for pre-filling ccache
2014-10-17 Francois MarierEnsure that capslock is correctly set as an extra ctrl
2014-07-30 Francois MarierAutomatically enable/disable external display
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