Made some text changes.
[fluxbb:fluxbb.git] / upload / install.php
2009-09-10 Quy TonMade some text changes.
2009-09-07 Quy TonChanged data types of time_format and date_format.
2009-08-24 Jamie FurnessFixing an inconsistency in the database titles, noticed...
2009-08-24 Jamie FurnessFixing DB revision number in install.php, noticed by...
2009-07-31 Jamie FurnessFixing an error assigning group IDs when trying to...
2009-07-09 Frank SmitAdded a configuration option for the parser.
2009-05-26 Ben FonduFixing a few oversights.
2009-04-18 Franz LiedkeFixed [993] (functions.php was already included).
2009-04-16 Franz LiedkeApplying [992] to v1.4.
2009-04-01 Franz LiedkeFixed two errors in checking for InnoDB being enabled.
2009-03-31 Franz LiedkeContinued adding InnoDB support (for install.php and...
2009-03-26 Quy TonFixed default group in install.
2009-02-03 Frank SmitFixed version number.
2009-01-30 Jamie FurnessUpdating trunk to version 1.4. These changes have all...
2008-12-04 Connor DunnBumping version number to 1.2.21
2008-07-13 Neal PooleBumping release numbers for 1.2.20. fluxbb-1.2.20
2008-07-10 Connor DunnBumping release numbers for 1.2.19. fluxbb-1.2.19
2008-05-04 Connor DunnUpdate to 1.2.18. fluxbb-1.2.18
2008-04-27 Connor DunnRebranding the 1.2 trunk to FluxBB.
2008-04-27 Connor DunnInitial import based on revision 1613 of PunBB.