2011-01-02 Olivier Le... Kopete theme : add Empathy compability master
2010-06-23 Frederik Gladhornxeyes plasma thing seems pretty broken wrt theme stuffing
2010-06-23 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-06-23 Frederik Gladhornmake logout slightly more bunny
2010-06-22 Harald SitterFix the windeco install path
2010-06-22 Harald Sitterinstall window deco theme
2010-06-22 Frederik GladhornAdd pillowcase windeco (aurorae)
2010-06-11 Harald Sitterplasma - set branding homepage and make other data...
2010-06-11 Harald Sittersnapshot
2010-06-11 Harald Sitteradd kickoffrc with
2010-06-11 Harald Sitterinstall blocks theme proper
2010-06-11 Harald Sitterfix item naming bug
2010-06-11 Harald Sitteroverlays in opaque cause rendering bugs (blackness...
2010-06-11 Harald Sittercomplete opaque panel theming kthxbai
2010-06-09 Harald Sittersnapshot
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterset launcher icon properly
2010-06-09 Harald Sittermake the panels fluffier
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterfirestrucks for default
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterfix nameing of element
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterdont need no crapp sounds, thanks
2010-06-09 Harald SitterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterset website of plasma theme to our blog... I really...
2010-06-09 Harald Sittercolor the window deco bar
2010-06-09 Harald Sitterwindow deco button order++
2010-06-08 Frederik Gladhornadd a rounded corners version of the image and at the...
2010-06-06 Harald Sittersnapshot
2010-06-06 Harald Sitterconfigure kblocks
2010-06-06 Harald Sitteradd kblocks theme
2010-06-06 Harald Sitterinstall rekonq proper
2010-06-06 Harald Sitterfix++
2010-06-06 Harald SitterTrying to set comabunny as default wallpaper *shrug*
2010-06-06 Harald SitterAdd sugarcoma bunny wallpaper
2010-06-06 Harald Sitterimport default layout from KDE trunk (in a hopefully...
2010-06-06 Harald SitterAdd plasmarc to default to plasmabunny
2010-06-04 Harald SitterNew snapshot
2010-06-04 Harald SitterRemove some widgets that we will keep on using from...
2010-06-04 Harald SitterPlasma should fall back to default not oxygen, silly...
2010-06-03 Harald SitterTrying to override silly kubuntu defaults
2010-06-03 Harald SitterAdd kdeglobals for colors
2010-06-03 Harald SitterAdd kopeterc
2010-06-03 Harald SitterAdd parlyrc
2010-06-03 Harald SitterThe updates!
2010-06-02 Harald SitterAdd autobranding
2010-06-02 Harald Sitteruse transparent backgrounds in extender and toolip...
2010-06-02 Harald Sitterfix opaque panel
2010-06-01 Frederik Gladhornembed images - iow: inkscape I hate you
2010-06-01 Frederik Gladhornupdate fluffy theme for parley - show fluff on welcome...
2010-05-31 Harald Sittergit-dhcyify changelog
2010-05-31 Harald SitterAdd icon and install
2010-05-31 Harald SitterCompress using lzma
2010-05-31 Harald SitterRename kopete theme and install that too
2010-05-31 Harald SitterInstall colors too
2010-05-31 Harald SitterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-31 Harald SitterFix up install file
2010-05-31 Harald SitterAdd packaging
2010-05-29 Frederik Gladhornbetter background for krunner in opaque
2010-05-29 Frederik Gladhornimprove opaque version of panel, still crappy but doesn...
2010-05-29 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-29 Frederik Gladhornadd rekonq favorites background
2010-05-29 Harald SitterAdd new branding
2010-05-28 Harald SitterAdd hearts to default widget background
2010-05-28 Harald SitterFluff++
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornadd new version of kopete theme with less scary background
2010-05-27 Harald SitterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornadd sugarcoma bunnypink wallpaper
2010-05-27 Harald SitterAdd wallpaper done by Sabine Emmy Eller's daughter...
2010-05-27 Frederik GladhornAdd readme
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornadd version of kopete theme from kde-look.org
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornfix the uniclock shadows
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornat least display some text (not very fluffy though...
2010-05-27 Frederik Gladhornadd pinki wallpaper by nuno pinheiro
2010-05-26 Frederik Gladhornall the pretty little horsies
2010-05-26 Harald SitterFluff++ for toolbox
2010-05-26 Harald SitterFluff++ for standard widget background
2010-05-26 Harald SitterFluffy++
2010-05-26 Harald SitterFluffy+
2010-05-24 Frederik Gladhornadd the pony
2010-05-24 Harald SitterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-24 Harald Sittercolors for the text
2010-05-24 Frederik Gladhornadd slimmer border pinkisher and the pony clock
2010-05-23 Frederik Gladhornadd lots of random pink files
2010-05-23 Frederik Gladhornadd new sliced up lighter color version of the fluffy...
2010-05-22 Frederik Gladhornlots of pink brokenness
2010-05-22 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-22 Frederik Gladhornplasma doesn't like name other than default it seems
2010-05-22 Harald SitterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-22 Harald SitterAdd orignal theme for plasma as reference
2010-05-22 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fluffy/unicorn
2010-05-22 Frederik Gladhornadd plasma theme
2010-05-22 Harald SitterAdd copying
2010-05-22 Harald SitterAdd original fluffy stuff source thingy
2010-05-22 Harald SitterParley theme
2010-05-22 Harald SitterAdd color file