updated RDEPEND to use pkgconfig olny if a init script is provided
[flow-s-ebuilds:flow-s-ebuilds.git] / net-p2p / bitcoin / Manifest
2011-04-01 Florian Schmausupdated RDEPEND to use pkgconfig olny if a init script...
2011-04-01 Florian Schmaus modified: Manifest
2011-04-01 Florian Schmausupdated bitcoin ebuild
2011-03-31 Florian Schmausupdated bitcoin init script to use openrc options if...
2011-02-28 Florian Schmausupdated manifest
2011-02-15 Florian Schmausadded openrc dep
2011-02-15 rootsmall fix
2011-02-15 Florian Schmausadded wait and progress to stop()
2011-02-13 Florian Schmausimproved bitcoin ebuild
2011-02-12 Florian Schmausadded bitcoin ebuild