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2012-02-07 David E. NarváezHardcoded locales in the meantime, now displaying local... master
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezUpdated strings
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezAdded real support for deletion, and refactored some...
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezUpdated transactions.
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezAdded support for transaction edition and deletion.
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezAdd link to edit listed transactions.
2012-02-06 David E. NarváezAdd edit and delete url methods.
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezUpdated translations.
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezAdded a button to add a transaction from the display...
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezImplemented a first pass on displaying the transactions.
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezAdded key to the issued_on column, to ease sorting.
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezAdded method to query for project's total amount of...
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezFix large bug from copy & paste of ProjectLinks plugin
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezUpdating transaltions and fixing language file name.
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezImplement first iteration of adding a transaction,...
2012-02-05 David E. NarváezAdding models for transactions
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