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2012-04-10 David E. NarváezFixed indentation to meet Drupal's coding style master
2012-04-10 David E. NarváezWording and typos fixes
2012-04-10 David E. NarváezRenamed admin menu
2012-04-10 David E. NarváezRemove block configuration and use global settings...
2012-04-10 David E. NarváezRemake admin form so that it reflects what the module...
2012-04-10 David E. NarváezFixed typo in permission name that caused admin form...
2012-04-09 David E. NarváezAdded identica_profile_by_group function for fetching...
2012-04-09 David E. NarváezFixed API URL for groups
2012-04-09 David E. NarváezInitial commit of the project
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