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last changeSat, 15 Nov 2014 17:33:51 +0000 (18:33 +0100)
2014-11-15 Pilatomicadded another icon to icon pack master
2014-11-02 Pilatomicadded ability to save retain the last folder selected
2014-10-30 PilatomicSlight increase of the width of the transpose field
2014-10-30 PilatomicRemoved 'update" button, and improved behavior behind...
2014-10-26 Pilatomicfixed crash when clicking update button with no file...
2014-10-26 Pilatomicimproved some not-so-well signals code
2014-10-26 Pilatomicimproved behavior with required drivers calculation
2014-10-26 PilatomicFirst working build
2014-10-26 Pilatomicadded gitignore file
2014-10-26 Pilatomicremoved .pro.user file
2014-03-28 Pilatomicported to Qt5
2014-03-28 Pilatomicported under Qt5
2013-10-17 PilatomicInitial commit
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