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2011-09-05 Vivian MeazzaMerge branch 'work' of D:\Git_New\fgdata master
2011-09-05 Vivian MeazzaTenth tranche of .dds textures.
2011-09-05 Vivian MeazzaNinth tranche of .dds textures.
2011-08-18 Vivian MeazzaTry fix for transparency issue.
2011-07-16 Emilian HuminiucIAR80: fix 'var' usage in viewpoint.nas. Reworked and...
2011-07-14 Emilian HuminiucIAR80: cleanup some doublesided faces in the models...
2011-07-01 Emilian Huminiuc2011-07-01
2011-06-25 Frederic BouvierEmilian Huminiuc:
2011-06-18 Frederic BouvierEmilian Huminiuc:
2011-01-08 Frederic BouvierIAR80 v1.01 by Emilian Huminiuc
2010-12-30 Frederic BouvierIAR80 by Emilian Huminiuc
2010-11-07 Frederic BouvierEmilian Huminiuc's IAR80:
2010-11-06 Frederic BouvierIAR80
2010-06-05 Frederic BouvierEmilian Huminiuc: v0.61803a: fixed engine not startin...
2010-06-04 Frederic BouvierEmilian Huminiuc: v0.61803: initial implementation...
2010-05-29 Frederic BouvierIAR80 model v0.6180 by Emilian Huminiuc
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