last changeThu, 24 Dec 2009 10:45:40 +0000 (11:45 +0100)
2009-12-24 CowboyTim- added license master goodgitorious/master
2009-12-24 CowboyTim- removed things that aren't from this package, but...
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- updated comments in fuse.c
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- added
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- main fixes, not freelist/list related
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- improved release(): object can be nil
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- bugfix in journal
2009-07-21 CowboyTim- first execute the action *then* the journal write...
2009-06-27 CowboyTim- fully working now
2009-06-27 CowboyTim- cleanup in fuse.c
2009-06-21 CowboyTim- write test changed
2009-06-21 CowboyTim- fixes in journal state write
2009-06-19 CowboyTim- cleanup of Makefile
2009-06-16 CowboyTim- further fixes in truncate()
2009-06-16 CowboyTim- fixed bug in truncate()
2009-06-13 CowboyTim- added ENOTEMPTY fix for the pjd tests: a rename(...
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