2009-05-26 CowboyTim- added correct diskfree reporting error ENOSPC
2009-05-26 CowboyTim- bugfix in list.lua: sparse append wasn't working...
2009-05-26 CowboyTim- fixed a bug in truncating a list
2009-05-26 CowboyTim- truncate() with a size parameter now adds to the...
2009-05-25 CowboyTim- performance enhancements
2009-05-25 CowboyTim- journal 'state' 'fix': temporary fix
2009-05-25 CowboyTim- fixed journal'ing
2009-05-24 CowboyTim- fully canonilizes that freelist upon freeblocks
2009-05-24 CowboyTim- use STRIDE constant
2009-05-24 CowboyTim- better freelist management: now 'queue' order
2009-05-23 CowboyTim- cleanup
2009-05-22 CowboyTim- journal + data on block device now
2009-05-22 CowboyTim- improved debugging
2009-05-22 CowboyTim- fixed that thingy about nil values
2009-05-22 CowboyTim- another attempt
2009-05-22 CowboyTim- sortof try-and-failed
2009-05-21 CowboyTim- working copy: sortof works, but the freelist is a...
2009-05-20 CowboyTim- added FIXME
2009-05-19 CowboyTim- experimental speedup
2009-05-19 CowboyTim- fixed truncate
2009-05-19 CowboyTim- updated comment
2009-05-19 CowboyTim- mv of a file to another file fixed: unlink first...
2009-05-18 CowboyTim- added test lua scratch script
2009-05-18 CowboyTim- improved error reporting
2009-05-18 CowboyTim- canonicalize freelist before saving
2009-05-18 CowboyTim- added stride-ing
2009-05-17 CowboyTim- increased readahead,etc,..
2009-05-16 CowboyTim- better freelist management
2009-05-16 CowboyTim- fixed the improved list management code in list.lua
2009-05-15 CowboyTim- NOT WORKING improvement attempt
2009-05-11 CowboyTim- bugfixes + new freelist mechanism, slow for the moment
2009-05-10 CowboyTim- more intelligent block management, although slower...
2009-05-09 CowboyTim- fixed an initialization problem: empty object where...
2009-05-09 CowboyTim- 3 times faster
2009-05-09 CowboyTim- nice little hash implementation that is 'ranged'
2009-05-09 CowboyTim- list management
2009-05-03 CowboyTim- implemented statfs correct
2009-05-02 CowboyTim- to ease debugging and more robustness
2009-05-02 CowboyTim- fixed the freelist dump with metajournal traversal
2009-05-02 CowboyTim- added freelist management
2009-05-02 CowboyTim- don't cache data (yet). do that when the LRU stuff...
2009-05-02 CowboyTim- fixed truncate()
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- performance improvements during meta state serialization
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- cleanup
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- cleaned up a bit
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- added some comments
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- removed some fixme's as they are implemented
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- oops. bugfix for the meta journal
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- added init/destroy behavior in fuse.c
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- also dump the inode_start and block nr status
2009-05-01 CowboyTim- fixed a bug with truncate and block management
2009-04-29 CowboyTim- state dump fixed now too
2009-04-28 CowboyTim- caching only for read(), write() now only gets a...
2009-04-28 CowboyTim- truncate() fixes
2009-04-28 CowboyTim- removed that 'test' stuff from Makefile build
2009-04-27 CowboyTim- needed for ubuntu x86_64
2009-04-27 CowboyTim- added blockmanagement (sortof)
2009-04-26 CowboyTim- other directory, one with more space
2009-04-25 CowboyTim- added meta serializer
2009-04-25 CowboyTim- 'fixed' threading: doesn't segfault anymore, is slowe...
2009-04-25 CowboyTim- oeps, touch the meta file prior to executing it.
2009-04-25 CowboyTim- added destroy(): closes the meta fh
2009-04-25 CowboyTim- added destroy()
2009-04-24 CowboyTim- performance enhancements, albeit, small.
2009-04-24 CowboyTim- better comments in the code
2009-04-23 CowboyTim- added debugging
2009-04-22 CowboyTim- meta write improvement
2009-04-22 CowboyTim- added nlink fix when rename() is done
2009-04-20 CowboyTim- improved debugging
2009-04-20 CowboyTim- fixed a bug in rename()
2009-04-19 CowboyTim- cmdline option stuff fixed
2009-04-14 tim- fixed debugging option
2009-04-14 tim- improved debugging system
2009-04-14 tim- removed debugging
2009-04-14 tim- how the hell did that get there.. size check fixed...
2009-04-13 tim- truncate fixed
2009-04-13 tim- more mtime/ctime stuff implemented
2009-04-13 tim- improved getxattr/listxattr/removexattr/setxattr
2009-04-13 tim- improved getattr(): don't do the integers when the...
2009-04-12 tim- more POSIX compliant
2009-04-12 tim- FUSE 2.6
2009-04-12 tim- FUSE 2.6 support
2009-04-12 tim- added mountroot as option on cmd
2009-04-12 tim- added mkdir -p test
2009-04-11 tim- some tests for read/write
2009-04-11 tim- improved some things on read/write
2009-04-11 tim- first attempt to implement read/write
2009-04-09 tim- more 'cleanup' in new_meta(): removed duplicate type...
2009-04-09 tim- fs_tree/fs_meta merge
2009-04-09 tim- added mkfifo support
2009-04-08 tim- improved test
2009-04-08 tim- fixed unlink()
2009-04-07 tim- changed some comments
2009-04-07 tim- added benchmark script
2009-04-07 tim- symlink/readlink implemented
2009-04-07 tim- fixed link() further of files within the same directory
2009-04-07 tim- fixed rename() for a file
2009-04-07 tim- implemented create() further
2009-04-06 tim- added more tests
2009-04-06 tim- mkdir/rmdir/opendir/readdir/releasedir now work