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last changeMon, 2 Dec 2013 10:23:21 +0000 (12:23 +0200)
2013-12-02 Richard master
2013-12-02 Richard DarstConvenience functions for shell script like things
2013-12-02 Richard Darstchangeargv: old files never recorded, unfinished
2013-12-02 Richard Darstmathutil: Averager class improvement
2013-12-02 Richard Darstloginterval: record old file
2013-12-02 Richard bugfixes
2013-12-02 Richard Darstwwwvote: file from a while ago, status unknown
2013-12-02 Richard Darstpdbtb: history saving and restoration
2013-11-29 Richard Darstpdbtb: run() returns result of function
2013-11-28 Richard Darstpdbtb: run_ipython -> run, + docs
2013-11-28 Richard Darstpdbtb: bugfix
2013-11-21 Richard unrecorded changes
2013-11-21 Richard comment out lines
2013-11-21 Richard add pdb mode (but prefer instead)
2013-11-21 Richard has a .now() function for immediate pdb
2013-11-21 Richard DarstSupport running from ipython
5 years ago master