last changeSat, 19 Oct 2013 20:48:22 +0000 (22:48 +0200)
2013-10-19 Javier S. Pedroproperly account time between menu updates master
2013-10-19 Javier S. Pedroreduce menu update delay
2013-10-19 Javier S. Pedroworkaround an issue with virtualbox
2013-09-10 Javier S. Pedrouse a different approach for soft keys
2013-09-10 Javier S. Pedroseems that gnomenu does not actually handle shortcuts
2012-02-11 Javier S. Pedrofix non-responding menu bar bug
2012-01-29 Javier S. Pedrodisable debug build
2012-01-29 Javier S. Pedrofix completely broken .pro file
2011-10-14 Javier S. Pedronow emitting aboutToShow & aboutToHide signals
2011-10-09 Javier S. Pedroinitial import
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