2010-10-23 Javier S. Pedrofixing some typos
2010-10-23 Javier S. Pedroimplementing alwaysAppendAccessKeys support
2010-10-23 Javier S. Pedrocommit empty components dir to repository
2010-10-10 Javier S. Pedrofix issue with certain theme icons
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedroadd image cache
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedroupdate Changelog
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedrofolder icons
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedronon-gtk icons support
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedrofix bookmarks menu
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedroshow uris in statusbar
2010-10-07 Javier S. Pedroadding recent closed tabs
2010-10-06 Javier S. Pedrofixing history back/forward
2010-10-06 Javier S. Pedrofixing edit menu sensitiviness
2010-10-06 Javier S. Pedroset more accurate min. firefox version
2010-10-05 Javier S. Pedroadding readme, install, todo, lgpl 2.1 license.
2010-10-05 Javier S. Pedrofixing Makefile
2010-10-05 Javier S. Pedromore reliable window id detection
2010-10-04 Javier S. Pedroinitial import