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last changeSun, 15 Feb 2015 18:11:39 +0000 (13:11 -0500)
2015-02-15 Hyde YamakawaRevert back the nose gear friction change master
2015-02-15 Hyde YamakawaX-wind autolanding improvement
2015-02-13 Hyde YamakawaFix var mis-use
2015-02-08 Hyde YamakawaAutostart default batt sw on
2015-02-05 ackleAdd more EICAS messages
2015-01-28 Hyde YamakawaFix of nasal error when LNAV simple route
2015-01-24 onoxRAAS: Use string.join()
2015-01-24 onoxRAAS: Keep Betty silent when landing on or vacating...
2015-01-24 onoxAdd new version of RAAS
2015-01-19 Hyde YamakawaGet main branch change
2015-01-18 Hyde YamakawaRevert "runway: Add initial version of RAAS"
2015-01-17 Hyde YamakawaFix from HOLD to SPD transition on GS mode
2015-01-17 Hyde YamakawaDocument added
2015-01-17 onoxrunway: Add initial version of RAAS
2015-01-12 Hyde YamakawaDescent VNAV
2015-01-09 Hyde YamakawaSet default transponder mode to off
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6 years ago 2.12.0
7 years ago newnavradio
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