2009-09-14 helijah-update HSI and TACAN panel
2009-09-13 helijah- new HSI and TACAN panel
2009-09-13 vmmeazzaChanges to tunnel entrance
2009-09-13 jmtPA-24 and PA-26 glideslope fixes from Dave Perry, inclu...
2009-09-12 helijah- add guns fire effects and doors
2009-09-12 helijah- little changes
2009-09-12 helijah- new plane
2009-09-11 jonsTweak tunnel test flightplan
2009-09-11 jonsAdd model from scenery repository
2009-09-11 vmmeazzaUpdated
2009-09-11 vmmeazzaAdd flightplan for testing tunnel
2009-09-11 sydadamsundo target-pitch property, working on too many autopil...
2009-09-10 sydadamsfix yaw damper
2009-09-10 martinHeiko Schulz:
2009-09-10 martinHeiko Schulz:
2009-09-10 sydadamsfixed AP controller
2009-09-10 martinAnders Gidenstam:
2009-09-10 sydadamsautopilot /dialog fixes
2009-09-10 sydadamstemporary EGT fix, add missing dme ...
2009-09-10 sydadamsfixed AP elevator control
2009-09-09 jmtUpdate the 787's glideslope handling.
2009-09-09 jmtGlideslope fixes for the 777-200. Unfortunately the...
2009-09-09 jmtFix glideslope handling for the B1900, including amping...
2009-09-09 jmtGlideslope deflection fixes for the Aerostar-700.
2009-09-09 vmmeazzaAdd multiple ore wagons
2009-09-09 vmmeazzaChange some parameters for a lower frame rate
2009-09-09 jmtInitial work on standardising glideslope needle behavio...
2009-09-08 helijah- little changes
2009-09-08 sydadamssound fixes
2009-09-08 sydadamsmostly AP updates
2009-09-08 helijah*** empty log message ***
2009-09-08 helijah- new plane
2009-09-07 sydadamsfixed registration, limit door opening to less than...
2009-09-07 helijah- little changes
2009-09-07 helijah- little changes
2009-09-07 helijah- new texture by Aler KERR. Thanks to him
2009-09-07 ehofmanAdd easy reloading of generic network protocol
2009-09-07 dfaberStewart Andreason: fix left landing gear and improve...
2009-09-06 sydadamsre add the autostart function
2009-09-06 sydadamsforgot to commit the registration file
2009-09-06 helijah- Tank patch by MDSmith2
2009-09-05 helijah- Add liverie "Menphis Belle" make by Alex KERR. Thanks...
2009-09-05 torstendon't ignore the latest multiplayer pilot
2009-09-04 helijah- little changes
2009-09-03 helijah- little changes
2009-09-02 helijah- new plane
2009-09-01 sydadamsscaled down livery textures
2009-09-01 sydadamsadded callsign text , updated instruments
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-31 abory- Alexis Bory: Added Mirage F1.
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-31 vmmeazzaAdd steam train
2009-08-31 sydadamsfixed off center volume knob
2009-08-31 sydadamsadded reg numbers , MP animation updates
2009-08-30 sydadamsAdded registration numbers , changed some multiplay...
2009-08-30 torstenUse global liberation font
2009-08-30 torstenNew true type font family
2009-08-30 sydadamsadded wing registration - callsign
2009-08-30 sydadamsFDM adjustment
2009-08-29 sydadamsfixed RMI NAV needle
2009-08-29 sydadamsexperimenting with Torsten's OSGtext addition ... added...
2009-08-29 torstenadd missing tail number dialog
2009-08-29 torstenAdd registration labels (tail number), multiplayer...
2009-08-28 martinAnders Gidenstam:
2009-08-28 torsten- removed one obsolete rgb texture
2009-08-28 martinHeiko Schulz:
2009-08-28 martin-dedication to heliflyer
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaRemove redundant waypoints
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaAdd bus plan
2009-08-25 vmmeazzaAdd bus, adjust settings, remove 8 carriage train,...
2009-08-24 torstenAdded support for osgText in models. This file document...
2009-08-23 aboryAlexis Bory: Minor fix.
2009-08-22 vmmeazzaAdd articulated train
2009-08-22 ehofmanRemoved a line too many.
2009-08-22 ehofmancomment out unused code and add proper reflections...
2009-08-17 tatFixed: incompatible with 1.9.1 since it lacks math...
2009-08-13 helijah- new plane
2009-08-13 vmmeazzaMore parameters
2009-08-12 tatFixed: wrong angle when greater than 360 (advroutemgr)
2009-08-12 tatModified: pitch moment for a bit more stable in pitching
2009-08-12 vmmeazzaAdd WAIT tokens
2009-08-12 vmmeazzaChange parameters
2009-08-12 torstenadded the debug-events tag
2009-08-11 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff railway flightplan
2009-08-11 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff
2009-08-11 torstenInitial support for the 3dconnexion SpaceNavigator...
2009-08-11 ehofmanPrevent negative drag
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-10 ehofmanadd Cmde table
2009-08-10 tatModified: re-indent xml files
2009-08-10 tatModified: Lift, Drag, CG, pointmass locations, and...
2009-08-10 tatFixed: wrong texture on cabinet / carpet
2009-08-10 tatAdded: livery selection
2009-08-09 timooreRemove empty parameters sections from effects
2009-08-09 sydadamstransponder controller animation update
2009-08-09 torsten Stuart Buchanan: I've been working on a small patch...
2009-08-09 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-08 sydadamsadded a separate panel file for instrument layout
2009-08-08 tatAdded: Performance Monitor; Modified: Lift and Drag