2008-05-03 stuartCorrect errors in KLVK signage.
2008-05-03 stuartAdd additional FBO and T-hangars to Reid-Hillview ...
2008-05-03 stuartAdd new generic hangar and FBO models.
2008-05-03 stuartRemove floor from T-hangars - no-one will ever see it.
2008-05-03 stuartAdd runway and taxiway signs to Livermore Municipal...
2008-05-03 sydadamsAdded runway offsets and other minor changes
2008-05-02 mfranzadd paths and runway parameter defaults, so that people...
2008-05-02 jonsAnimate KI525A
2008-05-01 mfranzadd unit suffixes -nm and -deg to /sim/presets/offset...
2008-05-01 mfranzadd unit suffixes -nm and -deg to /sim/presets/offset...
2008-05-01 sydadamsAttempt to fix an RAtape error ...
2008-04-30 stuartAdd T-hangar model, and placement at Reid-Hillview...
2008-04-29 helijah- add a pilot
2008-04-29 stuartRe-order initialization and fix a couple of bugs.
2008-04-29 helijah- add a pilot
2008-04-29 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-04-29 abory- Enrique: Downsized to 512*512.
2008-04-29 abory- Alexis: cockpit's 3D re-organization.
2008-04-27 sydadamsfixed radio altitude indicator
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Checked re-tuned or re-linked the AFCS.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Added [ and ] keys for the flaps control.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory:
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Added aileron-trim to the Roll SAS input...
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory:
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Hijack the generic flaps command so...
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: New instrument.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Now the HUD displays the magnetic headin...
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Added a basic electrical XML description.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: removed not used alpha-test thingy.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: Small adjustements, fixes and cosmetics.
2008-04-27 abory- Alexis Bory: New cockpit instruments and cosmetics.
2008-04-27 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-04-27 helijah- first test for new particles effects
2008-04-27 jonsSwap nav0/1 to give correct assignment. Animate KI204
2008-04-26 mfranzdon't try to build completion from invalid node
2008-04-26 mfranzuse more sophisticated screenshot binding from $FG_ROOT...
2008-04-26 mfranzuse fgcommand("screen-capture") return value to show...
2008-04-26 helijah- Add engines in3D
2008-04-26 mfranzuse modifier mask as reported by the input system
2008-04-26 mfranzreturn negative key numbers to report key event as...
2008-04-26 helijah- New FDM YASim by Pierre GEOFFROY
2008-04-25 mfranzdocument <mod-hyper>
2008-04-25 mfranzMarkus ZOJER: update
2008-04-25 mfranzremove files that are no longer needed with osg 2.4
2008-04-25 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-04-25 helijah- textures in png
2008-04-24 martinTorsten Dreyer:
2008-04-23 stuartInitialize on /sim/signals/fdm-initialized instead...
2008-04-23 mfranz- lowpass: work with delta-sec = nil
2008-04-23 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM: open Moffett (KNUQ) hangar doors...
2008-04-23 mfranzLauri "zan" PELTONEN: add "Saitek Cyborg Evo Force"
2008-04-23 stuartAdd generic redout.
2008-04-23 aboryAlexis: Moved A-10.xml in the right place.
2008-04-23 aboryOooops, wrong place.
2008-04-23 aboryNew Light weight AI A-10, thanks to Natovr.
2008-04-23 helijah- New pilot, all textures in png, liveries selection...
2008-04-23 helijah- little texture update
2008-04-21 mfranz- make the limiter a tad faster
2008-04-21 vmmeazzaUse new and modified ship models as random objects
2008-04-21 vmmeazzareduce polys, add textures, add navigation lights,...
2008-04-21 vmmeazzareduce polys, tidy
2008-04-21 sydadamsadded missing textures
2008-04-21 mfranz- initialize /sim/rendering/on-screen-statistics, and
2008-04-21 jonsAdd new models
2008-04-21 jonsAdd new models
2008-04-21 jonsAdd new models
2008-04-21 vmmeazzaTidy up after adding lighting
2008-04-21 vmmeazzaAdd centreline lights and deckedge lights
2008-04-21 vmmeazzaAdd centreline lights
2008-04-21 vmmeazzaCorrect some bit-rot
2008-04-21 sydadamsfixed the prop amp gauge
2008-04-20 helijah- Liveries in MP
2008-04-20 sydadamsgenerator fix ... couldn't shut them off
2008-04-20 sydadamsElectrical fix ... couldn't shut off generators
2008-04-20 sydadamsMore electrical fixes ... use delta-sec instead of...
2008-04-20 mfranz... commented out, I said!
2008-04-20 mfranz- update comment: the '*'-key is no longer hard-coded
2008-04-20 mfranz- move OSG's "on-screen-statistics" function to the...
2008-04-20 stuartChange Weather menu to Environment. This more closely...
2008-04-20 helijah- little corrections
2008-04-20 vmmeazzaFix dynamic view bug
2008-04-20 mfranzremember state of random-{objects,vegetation}
2008-04-20 mfranzadd 'random vegetation' checkbox. (Note that you won...
2008-04-20 sydadamsFixed a view numbering error ...
2008-04-20 sydadamsAdded more view limiters ...
2008-04-19 martinTorsten Dreyer:
2008-04-19 vmmeazzaTidy up after implementing view limiter
2008-04-19 vmmeazzaAdd deck edge lighting
2008-04-19 vmmeazzaTidy up
2008-04-19 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-04-19 helijah- new pilot model, new liveries with selection, new...
2008-04-19 helijah- all animations in mp
2008-04-19 helijah- multi liveries in mp
2008-04-18 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-04-18 helijah- liveries in MP
2008-04-18 helijah- New livrery (thanks LH-Clic), new pilot
2008-04-18 sydadamsmore Primus updates ....
2008-04-17 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2008-04-17 sydadamsPrimus 1000 tweaks ...
2008-04-16 sydadamsmore radiostack updates