2008-10-19 martinUpgrade Base Package to revised 1.0.1 Scenery
2008-10-19 mfranzlivery: documentation fix
2008-10-19 ehofmanRemove some unnecessary code
2008-10-19 sydadamsfix a few errors
2008-10-19 ehofmanGet the livery selection working after all, thanks...
2008-10-19 sydadamsVelocity updates from Viper
2008-10-19 ehofmanLivery selection is a big waste of time: remove the...
2008-10-19 mfranzoverlay-select.xml, gui.nas: fix overlay-dialog close...
2008-10-19 mfranzlivery: fix bad default nameprop (must be relative)
2008-10-19 mfranzgui.nas: remove trailing slashes in nameprop/sortprop
2008-10-19 ehofmanremove transparency layer
2008-10-19 ehofmanAdd livery support (maybe) and a new livery
2008-10-19 torstenGerard Robin:
2008-10-19 durkWhoops. Fix typo.
2008-10-19 durkRepaints of the AI A320: EgyptAir Meridiana, and MyAir.
2008-10-18 torstenConverted model to .ac file format and textures to...
2008-10-18 dfaber--------------------------------------------------...
2008-10-18 dfaberLogo selection Dialog, low res textures for AI/MP Aircraft
2008-10-18 gerardfiles reorganization of the French Carrier, and minor...
2008-10-18 gerardnew files organization with French Carrier and minor...
2008-10-18 ehofmanmake the outlines of the aircraft a bit more visible...
2008-10-17 mfranzadd flag/checkbox to enable/disable particles
2008-10-17 torstenCsaba Halász: Be advised that the texture repeat parsin...
2008-10-17 durk737 AI repaint in Denmark based Sterling Airlines livery.
2008-10-16 dfaberfix walker stopping in mid air bug
2008-10-16 dfaberfix missing instruments
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaAdjust format
2008-10-16 mfranzCsaba HALASZ: fix listener/cmdarg() removal
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaBugfix
2008-10-16 mfranzthis is now done by gui.OverlaySelector using overlay...
2008-10-16 mfranzaircraft.nas: make aircraft.livery a wrapper for gui...
2008-10-16 tatFixed: texture path, a point on canopy
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaFix texture
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaRemove rgb textures
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaChange lighting status
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaBugfix
2008-10-16 vmmeazzaConvert to png textures
2008-10-16 durkAI Embrear Legacy / 140 in Air France livery.
2008-10-16 helijah- chrome effect on glass
2008-10-15 helijah- chrome effect on glass
2008-10-15 helijah- chrome effect on glass
2008-10-15 mfranzno longer needed; gui.OverlaySelector uses generic...
2008-10-15 mfranz- aircraft.nas: remove formation class (Deprecated...
2008-10-15 vmmeazzaAdd switchable flightdeck lighting
2008-10-15 vmmeazzaAdd generic catapult steam. For use with the <overlay...
2008-10-15 vmmeazzaConvert to png textures
2008-10-15 mfranzOverlaySelector: more robust path handling
2008-10-15 mfranzs/fixpath/normpath/ (as in python)
2008-10-15 helijah- new liverie High definition by Laurent HAYVEL
2008-10-15 mfranzOverlaySelector: add callback func arg; only store...
2008-10-15 mfranz- gui.OverlaySelector: add optional sort criterion...
2008-10-15 ehofmanAnother bunch of small updates
2008-10-15 abory-Alexis Bory: Added stall warning sounds. TY MD-Terp ;-)
2008-10-15 sydadamsremoved dhc2.nas at Ron's request
2008-10-14 gerardMinor update with Mule, which could be generic. It...
2008-10-14 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM: fix problem caused by last Nasal...
2008-10-14 mfranzOverlaySelector: don't autosave choice. That's easy...
2008-10-14 mfranzadd overlay selector dialog class (similar to the liver...
2008-10-14 ehofmanAnother round of (mostly) texture placement updates
2008-10-14 sydadamsre adding rgb sky textures until patch is applied
2008-10-14 sydadamsChanged rgb to png
2008-10-14 sydadamschanged rgb to png
2008-10-14 sydadamsSwitching Textures to png format
2008-10-13 abory- Alexis Bory: Small texture adjustment.
2008-10-13 helijah- new liverie High definition by Laurent HAYVEL
2008-10-13 helijah- new splash screen
2008-10-13 vmmeazzaAdd catapult steam effects
2008-10-13 helijah- chrome effect on instruments glass
2008-10-13 sydadams5th commit attempt ... wish people wouldn't modify...
2008-10-13 helijah- chrome effect on glass
2008-10-12 mfranzcmdarg() in listener functions is no longer supported...
2008-10-12 mfranzcmdarg() in listener functions is no longer supported...
2008-10-12 mfranzcmdarg() in listener functions is no longer supported...
2008-10-12 dfaberfixed Walker-stops-in-mid-air bug.
2008-10-12 mfranzcmdarg() in listener functions is no longer supported...
2008-10-12 mfranz- drop cmdarg() usage in listener functions
2008-10-12 torsten- consolidated multiple actions into single pick animations
2008-10-12 torstenconsolidated multiple actions into single pick animations
2008-10-12 jonsUpdate airport light model
2008-10-12 martinMyself: .... didn't load the default livery properly.
2008-10-12 martinScenery 1.0.1 Base Package 'preview'
2008-10-12 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-10-12 torsten- added mousewheel pick animations
2008-10-12 torstenadded pointmass entries
2008-10-12 torstenautosave-properties modified
2008-10-12 torstenproperty-save code simplification
2008-10-12 gerardArghh a bug may hide an other bug
2008-10-12 gerardThere was an old bug (probably older than dinosaurus...
2008-10-12 ehofmanrearange textures to allow for multiple liveries
2008-10-12 dfaberFDM improvements, Livery select and 1 new Livery, PNG...
2008-10-12 gerardAdding MP animation
2008-10-12 martinScenery 1.0.1 'preview'
2008-10-11 martinScenery 1.0.1 Base Package 'preview'
2008-10-11 martinUnify line endings
2008-10-11 martinFix typo.
2008-10-11 gerardan other MP animation
2008-10-11 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-10-11 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-10-11 abory- Alexis Bory: Small texture adjustment.
2008-10-11 abory- Alexis Bory: SAS panel, cosmetic improvement.