2004-05-04 andyFixed font metrics.
2004-05-03 ehofmanAdd a dialog box to set the GPS waypoints.
2004-05-03 ehofmanAdd support for the Macally iStick USB
2004-05-03 curtUpdated sound config.
2004-05-03 curtVarious beech 99 tweaks.
2004-05-02 curtPerformance tweaks to my beech 99 model.
2004-05-02 ehofmanFix a parking-brake <-> brake-parking issue, fix a...
2004-05-01 andyDocumentation for the new <turbine-engine> and <piston...
2004-04-30 curtFix several paths.
2004-04-30 curtA couple tweaks for better or for worse.
2004-04-30 curtMy first stab at a YASim Beech 99 config. The engines...
2004-04-30 andyAdd windows name for the device, and a note about the...
2004-04-30 andyOops, include the windows driver name string too.
2004-04-30 andyFix a few windows issues with the axis mappings
2004-04-30 andySupport a "kill-when-empty" flag on tanks to enable...
2004-04-30 andyDocs for taper and midpoint fuselage attributes.
2004-04-29 ehofmanThe quest for the lost textures.
2004-04-29 ehofmanReplace the T6-texan2 by the Pilatus PC-7 which is...
2004-04-29 ehofmanA bunch of small updates.
2004-04-29 curtMake the beech 99 sound a bit more turboprop-ish.
2004-04-29 curtUpdates to the beech99, primarily to the instrument...
2004-04-29 curtReduce the side to side directionality of the engine...
2004-04-29 ehofmanUpdate the header to match the configuration file.
2004-04-29 ehofmanFix the UNIX/Windows axis mismatch.
2004-04-29 curtFix a typo that crept in and also position the left...
2004-04-28 curtPlace the left engine sounds to the left and right...
2004-04-28 ehofmanMake it work on windows and unix.
2004-04-28 ehofmanAdjust the joystick configuration to match the new...
2004-04-28 curtFlaps and stall horn should only be heard from inside...
2004-04-27 ehofmanExternal updates to the model, add a start of a 3d...
2004-04-27 ehofmanAdd the engine matching the MD-11.
2004-04-27 ehofmanAdd support for a Windows version of the SideWinder...
2004-04-27 ehofmanAdd an early version of the MD-11
2004-04-24 curtTweaks to c172 sound file now that sounds are played...
2004-04-22 ehofmanSlightly adjust the color settings.
2004-04-22 curtFix a typo.
2004-04-20 curtSmall tweak to electrical system config.
2004-04-20 andyFix the long-standing TSFC issue.
2004-04-19 davidAdded some more ignorable files.
2004-04-19 andyOops, misinformation
2004-04-19 andyClean up the eng-power/eng-rpm docs.
2004-04-18 ehofmanAdd Throttle, rudder and stick.
2004-04-18 ehofmanAddtwo LOD levels to the radar model.
2004-04-17 curtUpdated radio towers from Frederic.
2004-04-17 ehofmanAdd range selectors for ILS and TACAN.
2004-04-17 ehofmanAdd an ILS ground station
2004-04-17 ehofmanAdd a TACAN beacon.
2004-04-16 curtUncomment the flap control.
2004-04-16 curtRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-04-16 curtAdd a default value that the KAP140 autopilot needs.
2004-04-16 curtRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-04-16 ehofmanLast updates. Finally the way I wanted it to be.
2004-04-16 ehofmanAdd animations.
2004-04-16 curtUpdates from Fred.
2004-04-15 ehofmanOnce again, make sure the size is right :-(
2004-04-15 ehofmanPut the radar frame on the ground rather than halfway...
2004-04-15 ehofmanAdd a radar model.
2004-04-15 curtFrederic Bouvier:
2004-04-15 curtPlace holder for tall radio tower model.
2004-04-15 ehofmanSlightly adjust the size to make sure the beacon is...
2004-04-15 ehofmanFix some glitches
2004-04-15 curtFrederic Bouvier: Updates to rotating beacon model.
2004-04-14 curtChange name.
2004-04-14 curtFrederic Bouvier:
2004-04-14 curtFrederic Bouvier
2004-04-14 ehofmanAdd some bumper stickers and a first draft throttle.
2004-04-13 ehofmanAdd some antennas, a roof guard rail and some range...
2004-04-13 ehofmanStore information about rolling-friction and bumpyness.
2004-04-13 ehofmanSomehow the tower elt a bit too small.
2004-04-13 ehofmanIncrease the windows transparancy quite a bit.
2004-04-13 ehofmanAdd a (simple) tower object.
2004-04-13 ehofmanAdd an appropriate animation file.
2004-04-12 curtInitial revision of a "lit" windsock.
2004-04-12 ehofmanSimulate a real windsock some more.
2004-04-12 ehofmanSlightly adjust the volumes so the effects are more...
2004-04-12 ehofmanCommit some pending updates to keep Oliver happy.
2004-04-11 ehofmanDifferentiate between internal and external sounds...
2004-04-11 ehofmanUse the turboprop sound in the data/Sounds directory
2004-04-11 ehofmanAdd a (turbo)prop(eller) sound
2004-04-10 ehofmanUpdates to match the Fokker 50
2004-04-10 ehofmanAdd proper sounds and improve the FDM.
2004-04-09 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ: easter edition
2004-04-09 ehofmanSync. with the functions of the Cyborg-Gold-3d-USB
2004-04-08 ehofmanMake the secret work.
2004-04-08 ehofmanApply the range selector to all objects instead of...
2004-04-07 curtAdd a 2000m LOD wrapper to the wind sock so we can...
2004-04-07 ehofmanOops, follow the default naming convention
2004-04-07 ehofmanMove the switches to the controls subdirectory and...
2004-04-06 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-04-05 andyKeybindings for the HUD, which used to be hardcoded...
2004-04-05 andyThere used to be a hard-coded F6 binding in input.cxx...
2004-04-05 ehofmanAdjust the color. General impression is it was too...
2004-04-04 ehofmanFrederic prevers this one over my previous one.
2004-04-04 ehofmanAdjust color and shape of the texture a bit.
2004-04-04 ehofmanOnly use the top-level configuration file.
2004-04-04 ehofmanAdded for Frederic's top/bottom cloud cloud layer patch.
2004-04-04 ehofmanAdd Ilia Pavlenko's Tupolev 154 Model
2004-04-03 ehofmanFrederic: Real ufo are spinning, aren't they? I am...
2004-04-02 curtUpdate various electrical system configurations to...
2004-04-02 ehofmanAdd better sound support