2002-06-29 arossRather nice antialiased Helvetica.
2002-06-28 arossTuned location for the 3D panel.
2002-06-28 davidNew crop textures from Erik Hofman. For now, irrcrop...
2002-06-28 davidTypo corrections from Julian Foad (Gamin -> Garmin...
2002-06-28 davidIn-progress C172p model.
2002-06-28 davidChanges to support 3D panel support from Andy Ross.
2002-06-28 davidInitial attempt at a (flat) AI bypassing the panel...
2002-06-28 davidInitial attempt at a (flat) 260kt ASI bypassing the...
2002-06-28 davidStart work on a C172P, with a new 3D model.
2002-06-28 davidChanges to support 3D panel support from Andy Ross.
2002-06-26 jimwmodel adjustments, changed eye position and panel layou...
2002-06-25 jimwadded texture to knob and fixed roll indicator arrow
2002-06-25 jimwforgot the knob
2002-06-25 jimwupdates to A-4C attitude indicator.
2002-06-25 jimwupdates to A4 attitude indicator.
2002-06-22 jimwconfigured some autopilot functionality with existing...
2002-06-22 jimwMinor autopilot adjustments
2002-06-22 jimwchange view angle...cockpit update
2002-06-22 jimwpanel update. still far from realistic but working...
2002-06-22 jimwcockpit updates.
2002-06-22 jimwstart improving cockpit, bezel for the attitude indicat...
2002-06-22 arossOops, too big.
2002-06-21 arossCombine all the cube sides in the attitude ball into...
2002-06-21 arossCool new toy.
2002-06-20 arossAdded max L/D, approach, and stall indications to the...
2002-06-20 jimwa4 panel with Andy Ross's instrumentation
2002-06-20 arossAn N1 tachometer, accelerometer, and AoA indicator...
2002-06-20 jimwminor updates added 590knot asi
2002-06-20 jimwasi 590 knot for a4c using Andy Ross's face texture
2002-06-19 jimwminor tweaks to animation and model
2002-06-18 jimwAdd new A4 model startup
2002-06-18 jimwFirst Pass at A4 Model
2002-06-18 jimwFirst pass at A-4 Model conversion. Note that the...
2002-06-18 jimwfixed compass rose rotation.
2002-06-15 jimwview position and autopilot adjustment
2002-06-15 arossFlap drag fixes. The meaning of the drag number has...
2002-06-14 jimwfix problem with new chase view config. this btw illus...
2002-06-14 davidModify chase view to keep world-up vector.
2002-06-14 jimwupdated for format change
2002-06-14 curtTweaks to stall horn.
2002-06-13 curtAndy Ross:
2002-06-13 tonyUpdate to CYdr
2002-06-13 tonyJSBSim config file format updates.
2002-06-12 j4strngsXML formatted commandline help.
2002-06-12 j4strngsXML formatted commandline help
2002-06-12 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2002-06-11 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2002-06-11 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2002-06-11 jimwBacked out change per John's request
2002-06-11 j4strngsCommand line help screen now xml driven
2002-06-10 curtThis is an enhanced version of the options patch.
2002-06-10 davidRemove some test markup.
2002-06-10 davidIncrease the viewing distance for the DC-3.
2002-06-07 jimwAdjustments to autopilot configs
2002-06-05 davidAdd initialization for dewpoint, and remove initializat...
2002-06-05 davidRenamed property /steam/vertical-speed-fpm to /steam...
2002-06-04 curt* Tire squeal is now time dependent:
2002-06-04 jimwA couple minor updates. Fixed nosewheel. Gear supports.
2002-06-03 jimwFine tuning of exterior geometry. Animated trailing...
2002-06-03 jimwAutopilot adjustments. Note that climb rate should...
2002-06-03 jimwUpdated with Andy's latest fix for 747.
2002-05-31 davidChanged default sea-level pressure to the standard...
2002-05-30 curtBumped up the version number.
2002-05-29 davidLatest YASim aero models from Andy.
2002-05-28 jimwcorrected rudder deflection
2002-05-28 davidChange rudder and nosewheel sense for corrected JSBSim...
2002-05-28 jimwhmmm...weird bug that made things not start
2002-05-28 jimwMinor adjustment. Value has to be non-zero or default...
2002-05-28 jimwTweaked sound. Started animation and made a few model...
2002-05-27 mselignew/updated models added
2002-05-27 mseligMarchetti update
2002-05-27 mseligbeech 99 date fix
2002-05-27 mselighang glider date fix
2002-05-27 mseligadding 1903 Wright Flyer
2002-05-26 jimwAdded some whine to go with the roar
2002-05-26 jimwAdjustments to Verticle stabilzer polys
2002-05-26 jimwAdded textures to 747-400 model
2002-05-26 mseligReadme/update notes tweak
2002-05-26 mseligReadme/update notes
2002-05-26 mseligadding hang glider
2002-05-26 mseligdefault uiuc model
2002-05-26 mseligbeech 99 model update
2002-05-26 mseligbeech 99 model file
2002-05-25 jimwStarted Boeing 747-400 model
2002-05-24 mseligremoved test file
2002-05-24 mseligtesting
2002-05-23 davidBind 'l' (lower-case L) to toggle the tailwheel lock...
2002-05-23 davidAndy's latest changes to add tail-wheel locking.
2002-05-17 jimwadjustments to make sounds work
2002-05-17 davidInitialize all five cloud layers.
2002-05-15 jimwadjust tail beacon timing
2002-05-15 davidAdded more defaults for the environment.
2002-05-09 jimwMoved eye up a couple inches so you can fly VFR
2002-05-09 jimwConfigured autopilot
2002-05-09 jimwcorrected offsets for yasim version (made same as jsbsi...
2002-05-09 curtErik Hofman:
2002-05-06 davidDefault values for base and gusting wind speeds.
2002-05-04 tonyJSBSim config file for experimental c172.
2002-05-04 tonyExperimental c172 with hysteresis lift curve
2002-05-03 davidCleaned up texture a bit.