2003-05-22 mseligadds gload.xml file path for displaying the g load...
2003-05-22 mseligUIUC A4 model added. See Aircraft/UIUC/a4-v1-nl/README...
2003-05-22 jimwChange prop spin to geared down speed.
2003-05-22 jimwAdded hackish binding for booster to allow for two...
2003-05-22 jimwIncreased turbo to 4.0. Minor adjustments.
2003-05-22 ehofmanAdd David Culp's North American OV-10A Bronco and T...
2003-05-22 ehofmanUpdates dot David Culp's 737 model
2003-05-20 jimwAdded target offset to view[4]
2003-05-19 curtUpdates to splash screens.
2003-05-19 curtUpdated based on DAFIFT data, FAA data, with any non...
2003-05-19 curtRevert to previous ils file for the moment.
2003-05-18 jimwFix for aileron animation from Melchior Franz
2003-05-16 jimwAdded manual prop pitch. Adjust gear to reduce bounce...
2003-05-16 jimwAdded splash with P-51D
2003-05-16 curtInitial revision of David Culp's T38, for details see:
2003-05-16 curtTweaks for T38
2003-05-16 jimwSound for p51d.
2003-05-16 jimwAdded ten thousand arrow to altimeter. Fixed property...
2003-05-13 curtUpdated polish translations.
2003-05-13 ehofmanUpdate to more natural colors
2003-05-13 davidMinor adjustments.
2003-05-12 curtHello Curt,
2003-05-12 jimwfixed keyboard binding so that changing view direction...
2003-05-12 jimwAdded external model animations, lights.
2003-05-12 jimwAdjust target offset in chase view
2003-05-12 jimwMade some changes to improve aerobatic performance...
2003-05-07 jimwAdded support for booster.
2003-05-07 jimwMore adjustments for addition power:
2003-05-07 jimwAndy Ross's changes:
2003-05-07 jimwRevert previous update
2003-05-07 jimwAndy Ross's updates to the p51d:
2003-05-06 ehofmanAdd a debug option for rendering
2003-05-06 jimwslight adjustment
2003-05-05 curtVarious tweaks, fixes, and corrections.
2003-05-05 jimwAdded boost control to fdm config (not in "controls...
2003-05-05 jimwAdded some of Andy's suggestions to increase moment...
2003-05-04 jimwscattered cloud texture. Jim Wilson.
2003-05-04 ehofmanremove some artifacs, match the colours more closely...
2003-05-03 jimwErr ummm...minor oops
2003-05-03 jimwP-51D updates:
2003-05-03 jimwAdded YASim model for P-51D Mustang
2003-05-03 jimwYASim flight model for P-51D
2003-05-03 ehofmanAdd the Saitek Cyborg-3d-Rumble-Force game pad
2003-05-03 ehofmanFix a bunch of typos
2003-05-03 ehofmanUpdates to the generic protocol
2003-05-03 ehofmanAdd the Saitek Cyborg-3d-Rumble-Force game pad
2003-05-02 ehofmanRemove duplicate airports
2003-04-30 curtReduced low res versions of these textures to 256x256...
2003-04-30 curtUpdated mixedcrop texture from Erik Hofman.
2003-04-30 curtUpdated mixed crop texture from Erik Hofman.
2003-04-29 curtPiotr Jaworski writes:
2003-04-25 ehofmanUpdated materials to reflect the crop texture changes
2003-04-25 ehofmanUpdated crop textures to make them match and make them...
2003-04-25 curtOverride the default starting c172 rpm to be 0 for...
2003-04-24 jimwAdjusted global ambient light values to improve light...
2003-04-21 curtLee Elliott:
2003-04-21 curtLee Elliott:
2003-04-21 curtFixes from Andy Ross:
2003-04-21 curtInitial revision.
2003-04-20 ehofmanpaul mccann wrote:
2003-04-19 davidInitialize turbulence.
2003-04-18 ehofmanRemove some artifacts
2003-04-18 ehofmanVarious updates
2003-04-17 ehofmanAdded Space Imaging and Airservices Australia
2003-04-17 ehofmanComment out the file selection menu option for now
2003-04-17 ehofmanUpdate the Dutch translation
2003-04-17 ehofmanUpdate the description of the generic I/O option
2003-04-13 jimwShaped cockpit walls. Fixed a bunch of glitches. Change...
2003-04-11 jimwSeat texture. Add throttle control. Fix trim knob texture.
2003-04-10 curtUpdate from current DAFIFT data with a small tweak...
2003-04-08 curtMoved dafift2fix.pl dafift2nav.pl to $fgfs_src/scripts...
2003-04-08 ehofmanUpdate some more controls refferences
2003-04-08 davidRename trim properties.
2003-04-07 ehofmanAdd engine boost selection
2003-04-07 jimwcockpit stuff. trim controls.
2003-04-07 jimwMore cockpit stuff
2003-04-06 ehofmanUpdate to real world colours
2003-04-06 ehofmanFix some typos
2003-04-05 davidFixed typo /controls/light/ instead of /controls/flight/.
2003-04-05 davidCorrect XML well-formedness errors.
2003-04-05 davidUse new magnetos property.
2003-04-05 davidMove the AI tumbling into pa28-base.xml.
2003-04-05 davidInitialize all of the attitude-indicator properties...
2003-04-05 davidAllow the AI to tumble for the PA-28-161.
2003-04-05 davidFactor out common configuration for the Cessna 310...
2003-04-05 davidUse "coverage" instead of "type".
2003-04-04 davidAdd
2003-04-04 davidThe AI for the C172 should tumble in extreme attitudes.
2003-04-04 curtLee Elliott:
2003-04-02 ehofmanSome more small controls updates
2003-04-01 ehofmanAdd log-level to the list of available options
2003-04-01 ehofmanSome additional updates for the controls change
2003-04-01 ehofmanRefference the new options layout in the documentation
2003-04-01 davidFix to use renamed /control properties.
2003-04-01 davidRestore default out-the-window view.
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdate some YASim models to reflect the new controls...
2003-04-01 dluffAdd menu entry for enabling/disabling ATC or AI traffic
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdate some YASim models to reflect the new controls...
2003-04-01 dluffATC/AI dialog
2003-04-01 dluffEnable ATC and AI traffic by default