2007-12-21 mfranzs/no-warning/depreciated/
2007-12-21 mfranzdisable depreciation warning for standard HUDs. These...
2007-12-21 helijah- Reorganization files, optimizing the textures
2007-12-21 helijah- Reorganization files, optimizing the textures
2007-12-21 helijah- Reorganization files, optimizing the texture
2007-12-20 helijah- Reorganization files, optimizing the textures
2007-12-20 abory- Added model path for the seat and pilot.
2007-12-20 helijah- Update FDM for mp animations by Maik
2007-12-19 mfranzDave PERRY: add <nopreview/> (to omit strobe/propdisc...
2007-12-18 mfranzStuart BUCHANAN: thumbnail for fgfs v1.0
2007-12-18 gerardRescue animation, will work, only, if left door opened
2007-12-18 abory- Added some properties useful for the g-meter and...
2007-12-18 abory- New g-meter, It now remembers min and max G values.
2007-12-18 abory- Cosmetic improvements.
2007-12-18 abory- The VHF sets COMM1 frequency too.
2007-12-18 abory- Added initialization for /accelerations/pilot-g
2007-12-18 curtSet a version number
2007-12-18 curtVarious accumluated changes.
2007-12-18 curtLee Elliott:
2007-12-18 gerardUpdate thumbnail
2007-12-18 mfranzthumbnail for fgfs v1.0
2007-12-18 mfranzmake it bigger
2007-12-18 mfranzeveryone is doing a new thumbnail, so why can't we?
2007-12-18 helijah- update electric system
2007-12-18 curtSU-37 thumbnail image for web page.
2007-12-18 curtTU-114 thumbnail for web page.
2007-12-18 gerard*** empty log message ***
2007-12-18 gerardAdd rescue operation (only animation)
2007-12-18 abory- New thumnail.
2007-12-18 mfranzadd copy of bell206-sound.xml
2007-12-18 mfranzmove to the attic
2007-12-18 mfranzDave PERRY: (via Stuart BUCHANAN)
2007-12-18 mfranzDave PERRY: change status from "early-production" to...
2007-12-18 sydadamsresized thumbnails to correct dimensions ... 171x128
2007-12-18 sydadamschanged wxradar to radar ...
2007-12-18 sydadamsInitialize radar in set file
2007-12-18 sydadamsResorted objects to keep glass transparent...
2007-12-18 sydadamsafter recent compile glass turns opaque when blurred...
2007-12-18 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2007-12-18 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2007-12-18 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2007-12-18 gerardadd thumbnail
2007-12-18 mfranzdowngrade status
2007-12-17 gerardthumbnail added
2007-12-17 gerardrotor revisited
2007-12-17 gerardRotor revisited
2007-12-17 gerardupdate FDM, added thumbnail
2007-12-17 gerardthumbnail added
2007-12-17 vmmeazzaAdd thumbnail
2007-12-17 vmmeazzaAdd thumbnail
2007-12-17 dfaberchanged/added some status tags.
2007-12-17 mfranzbeta -> early-production (will become "production...
2007-12-17 dfaberrenamed thumbnails, added two new ones.
2007-12-17 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: fix broken index calculation in...
2007-12-17 mfranzHeiko SCHULZ: thumbnail for fgfs v1.0
2007-12-17 martinTorsten Dreyer:
2007-12-17 mfranzthumbnail for fgfs v1.0
2007-12-17 helijah- Update FDM by Pierre GEOFFROY
2007-12-16 mfranzHans FUGAL: fix panel
2007-12-16 helijah- Update FDM
2007-12-16 vmmeazzabug fix
2007-12-16 martinRemove 'water-cooled' WaterWorks.
2007-12-16 vmmeazzaadd missing texture
2007-12-16 sydadamsMostly flightdirector updates ....
2007-12-16 sydadamsa few Primus 1000 updates ...
2007-12-16 durkA few last-minute scenery corrections:
2007-12-16 helijah- File forgotten
2007-12-16 helijah- Update FDM and textures optimization
2007-12-15 martinHmmm, accidentially didn't make it into 'cvs add'.
2007-12-15 martinConsider dependencies - "someone" (TM) should build...
2007-12-15 martinFlightGear Scenery Objects Database 3D models for base...
2007-12-15 vmmeazzanew thumbnail
2007-12-15 sydadamsAdded missing texure , fixed object name error...
2007-12-15 vmmeazzaRemove chrome shader on windscreen
2007-12-15 sydadamsadded missing file to repository
2007-12-15 martinOooops, stupid me, add this to the Base Pacckage as...
2007-12-15 durkSmall fix to get the Sopwith Camel displayed.
2007-12-15 durkA few last-minute AI tweaks:
2007-12-15 curtRestores the view cycling : only 1 cockpit view at...
2007-12-15 curtStuart Buchanan:
2007-12-15 mfranzremove pilots from wreck
2007-12-15 vmmeazzaChange to updated 3d model, fix bug
2007-12-15 vmmeazzaChange to updated 3d model, fix help
2007-12-15 vmmeazzaChange to updated 3d model
2007-12-15 mfranzincrease rotor distance; enable overspeed warning only...
2007-12-15 mfranzsound distance attenuation
2007-12-14 vmmeazzaChange to updated 3d model
2007-12-14 vmmeazzaRemove old versions
2007-12-14 vmmeazzaFix all surfaces with >4 vertices
2007-12-14 gerardMinor improvements, model 3D and FDM
2007-12-14 mfranzAJ MacLEOD: AI version, to avoid the rather high res...
2007-12-14 abory- Too soon to show those fuel management hotspots,...
2007-12-14 gerardAdded landing gear compression/extension, and minor...
2007-12-14 gerardno preview is not longer useful
2007-12-14 gerard"nopreview" is not longer useful
2007-12-14 mfranzadd a "Camera View", which is an exact copy of "Cockpit...
2007-12-14 durkUpdate of greater San Francisco area airport ground...
2007-12-13 gerardA better splash
2007-12-13 vmmeazzaFix animations
2007-12-13 martinRemove unwanted Scenery Objects: