2006-01-30 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-30 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-30 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-30 ehofmanAdd a sound configuration file inspired by the work...
2006-01-30 ehofmanAdd an 8kHz resampled wind sound. Sometimes this one...
2006-01-30 mfranzrevert for now: there's one nasal interpreter problem...
2006-01-30 mfranzuse optional setlistener() arg
2006-01-30 mfranzsupport optional setlistener() arg to fire callback...
2006-01-30 mfranzremove garbage; add fps-display
2006-01-30 ehofmanMathias Fröhlich:
2006-01-29 mfranzmake it nicer
2006-01-29 mfranzreplace dirty reset trick with /sim/signals/reinit...
2006-01-29 fredbFix whitespaces
2006-01-29 fredbAdd normalized position for ailerons, elevator, rudder...
2006-01-28 ehofmanA ton of changes, and I'm still not satisfied.
2006-01-28 mfranzuse layouter and fixed font
2006-01-28 mfranzre-position FPS display on window resizing
2006-01-27 curtTune rudder effectiveness.
2006-01-27 curtRemove flap and speed-brake components from the JSBSim...
2006-01-27 ehofmanSigh; name the antennas, now for real.
2006-01-27 ehofmanActually name the link16 antennas something other than...
2006-01-27 ehofmanDeselect the link16 antennas for the US configuration.
2006-01-27 ehofmanMore small updates.
2006-01-26 curtTry to make the spinner look slightly metalic (aluminum...
2006-01-26 curtPaint some fake translucent structure into the surface...
2006-01-26 curtAdjust gear heights.
2006-01-26 curtJon Berndt:
2006-01-26 curtA couple for tweaks to make the model work.
2006-01-26 curtConvert Rascal110 JSBSim model to new format, add a...
2006-01-26 ehofmanAdd a sound for a two-bladed rotorcraft.
2006-01-26 ehofmanA batch of small updates, ranging from repositioning...
2006-01-25 curtLee Elliott:
2006-01-25 curtUpdated animations for control surfaces.
2006-01-25 curtThis is a representation of a glideslope/approach....
2006-01-25 mfranz- apply blade incidence correctly
2006-01-25 ehofmanUse the new turbojet_fan sound.
2006-01-25 ehofmanAdd the turbine fan sound of a turbojet engine like...
2006-01-24 ehofmanOlaf Flebbe:
2006-01-24 ehofmanDave Perry:
2006-01-24 ehofmanDave Perry:
2006-01-22 ehofmanAdjust the strobe-light pause and fix a property path...
2006-01-22 ehofmanFurther refinements.
2006-01-22 ehofmanInstall a FRANZ strobe light.
2006-01-22 ehofmanGet the normalized surface positions working.
2006-01-21 ehofmanRemove DOS line-endings.
2006-01-21 ehofmanAdd the Mega World USB Game Controllers joystick from...
2006-01-20 ehofmanAdd configuration for new JSBSim.
2006-01-20 ehofmanSync. w. JSBSim
2006-01-19 curtUpdated airport data from Robin's latest release.
2006-01-19 curtUpdated airport, fix, and navaid data from Robin's...
2006-01-19 ehofmanAdd a missing file.
2006-01-19 ehofman* Merge the basic US F-16C and Mid Life Update F-16AM...
2006-01-17 fredbFix --failure option arguments
2006-01-17 curtFix name.
2006-01-16 curtUpdated comments.
2006-01-14 curtMake ATC chatter script less verbose, especially when...
2006-01-14 ehofmanAdd the latest Ogel model from Torsten Dreyer.
2006-01-14 ehofmanUpdate to JSBSim 2.0 format.
2006-01-14 ehofmanAdd the latest Ogel model from Torsten Dreyer.
2006-01-14 ehofmanAdd condense lines, small model updates.
2006-01-13 fredbRevert changes because the model didn't fly with the...
2006-01-13 fredbThe /surface-positions/flap-pos-norm range changed
2006-01-13 fredbThe JSBsim model needs to output normalized values...
2006-01-13 ehofmanRestore the YASim confuguration file.
2006-01-13 ehofmanRename an old version of ther model.
2006-01-12 ehofmansync. with JSBSim v. 2.0
2006-01-10 andyFix docs for the afterburner attribute. AJ got stung...
2006-01-10 curtBe smarter about only attempting to play .wav files.
2006-01-09 curtTorsten Dreyer:
2006-01-09 curtMake it easy to adjust the pacing interval for ATC...
2006-01-09 curtA little readme so everyone knows who to blame.
2006-01-09 curtJustin Smithies:
2006-01-09 curtJustin Smithies:
2006-01-09 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-09 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-09 curtSet version correctly.
2006-01-09 curtAdd better protection against trying to play "." and...
2006-01-09 curtSyd Adams:
2006-01-09 curtAdd a check box to turn on/off background ATC chatter.
2006-01-09 curtInitial revision.
2006-01-09 curtIntermediate updates to Syd's Bravo. Included in this...
2006-01-08 ehofmanDon't let the HUD cast a shadow.
2006-01-08 ehofmanAdd the noshadow animation type.
2006-01-07 ehofmanDon't let the propdisk cast a shadow.
2006-01-06 ehofmanStuart Buchanan:
2006-01-06 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2006-01-04 curtOops, try again.
2006-01-04 curtReverse axes 4&5 for windows.
2006-01-04 ehofmanAdd Innis' Boeing 707 model.
2006-01-04 ehofmanAdd an aircraft tanker model based on Innis' Boeing...
2006-01-04 curtLee Elliott:
2006-01-04 curtLee Elliott:
2005-12-30 curtLee Elliott:
2005-12-27 ehofmanStefan Seifert:
2005-12-27 ehofmanStuart Buchanan:
2005-12-27 ehofmanStuart Buchanan:
2005-12-27 ehofmanAmpere Hardraade:
2005-12-27 curtInitial revision of a B1900D startup howto.
2005-12-24 curtDave Culp:
2005-12-22 curtAmpere Hardraade: