2002-05-30 curtBumped up the version number.
2002-05-29 davidLatest YASim aero models from Andy.
2002-05-28 jimwcorrected rudder deflection
2002-05-28 davidChange rudder and nosewheel sense for corrected JSBSim...
2002-05-28 jimwhmmm...weird bug that made things not start
2002-05-28 jimwMinor adjustment. Value has to be non-zero or default...
2002-05-28 jimwTweaked sound. Started animation and made a few model...
2002-05-27 mselignew/updated models added
2002-05-27 mseligMarchetti update
2002-05-27 mseligbeech 99 date fix
2002-05-27 mselighang glider date fix
2002-05-27 mseligadding 1903 Wright Flyer
2002-05-26 jimwAdded some whine to go with the roar
2002-05-26 jimwAdjustments to Verticle stabilzer polys
2002-05-26 jimwAdded textures to 747-400 model
2002-05-26 mseligReadme/update notes tweak
2002-05-26 mseligReadme/update notes
2002-05-26 mseligadding hang glider
2002-05-26 mseligdefault uiuc model
2002-05-26 mseligbeech 99 model update
2002-05-26 mseligbeech 99 model file
2002-05-25 jimwStarted Boeing 747-400 model
2002-05-24 mseligremoved test file
2002-05-24 mseligtesting
2002-05-23 davidBind 'l' (lower-case L) to toggle the tailwheel lock...
2002-05-23 davidAndy's latest changes to add tail-wheel locking.
2002-05-17 jimwadjustments to make sounds work
2002-05-17 davidInitialize all five cloud layers.
2002-05-15 jimwadjust tail beacon timing
2002-05-15 davidAdded more defaults for the environment.
2002-05-09 jimwMoved eye up a couple inches so you can fly VFR
2002-05-09 jimwConfigured autopilot
2002-05-09 jimwcorrected offsets for yasim version (made same as jsbsi...
2002-05-09 curtErik Hofman:
2002-05-06 davidDefault values for base and gusting wind speeds.
2002-05-04 tonyJSBSim config file for experimental c172.
2002-05-04 tonyExperimental c172 with hysteresis lift curve
2002-05-03 davidCleaned up texture a bit.
2002-05-03 davidExperimental billboard tree that rotates towards viewer.
2002-05-02 davidRenamed tree.* to deciduous-tree.*, and added coniferou...
2002-05-02 davidAssign buttons 3 and 4 to elevator trim.
2002-05-01 davidChange goal-tilt-deg to pitch-offset-deg.
2002-05-01 j4strngsfix path for beech99 doco
2002-05-01 j4strngsmove uiuc beech99 docs
2002-05-01 j4strngsuiuc docs
2002-04-30 j4strngsnow with more beech 99
2002-04-30 j4strngsstart integrating UIUC stuff into Aircraft/.
2002-04-30 davidSimplistic deciduous tree model.
2002-04-28 davidJSBSim change:
2002-04-26 curtErik Hofman wrote a program to calculate non-textured...
2002-04-25 davidInit script and tacky UFO model (from me) to go with...
2002-04-24 jimwpropeller blur
2002-04-24 jimwfix for minor propeller modeling problem
2002-04-24 jimwUpdated U3-A model. New props, Blinking taillight...
2002-04-22 jimwSeating
2002-04-21 jimwRemoved some more unnecessary polys and added LOD config
2002-04-21 jimwAdded flag "allow-toggle-cockpit" so that 3d/2d toggle...
2002-04-21 jimwHad to make Z offset 1cm, problem in PilotOffset dialog
2002-04-20 jimwForgot one
2002-04-20 jimwMissing file
2002-04-20 jimwAdjustments to U3-A model
2002-04-20 jimwMisc adjustments based on c310 fixes
2002-04-20 jimwfixed comments
2002-04-20 jimwFirst pass at U3-A 3d cockpit
2002-04-20 jimwFirst pass at U3-A 3d cockpit (--aircraft=c310u3a-3d)
2002-04-20 davidSync up with latest C++ changes -- the "range" subtree...
2002-04-20 davidLatest version of 3D model, including interpolation...
2002-04-19 j4strngsAdded keyboard binding to toggle between 2/3D cockpit
2002-04-19 j4strngsDefault area with runway lighting. Curt sez:
2002-04-19 davidAdded ceiling and some thickness to the interior.
2002-04-19 jimwIn panning fixed left button to return both pitch and...
2002-04-18 davidDecreased the dihedral on the wings, simplified the...
2002-04-18 davidManually rearranged polygons (I forgot to do that again).
2002-04-18 jimwfixed paths for goal-heading-offset
2002-04-18 davidSet default LOD range to 10km.
2002-04-18 davidMore detail in the textures and a propeller-blade incid...
2002-04-18 curtJim Wilson:
2002-04-17 davidLarge, lightly-textured apartment building.
2002-04-17 davidJSBSim update:
2002-04-17 davidFirst take at an untextured, generic 50m bridge arch...
2002-04-17 jimwcleaning up U3-A model a bit
2002-04-16 davidLatest JSBSim changes.
2002-04-16 davidInitial 3D cockpit setup for YASim.
2002-04-13 davidRound the cowling more, to give a nicer view out the...
2002-04-13 davidAdded range (LOD) limits:
2002-04-13 davidFixed object ordering (I have to do that by hand every...
2002-04-12 davidA very simplistic animated windsock.
2002-04-12 davidCorrect direction of propeller spin.
2002-04-12 davidInitial checkin.
2002-04-12 davidFirst, simplistic take at a generic 60ft x 80ft hanger...
2002-04-12 davidPatch from Andy Ross:
2002-04-11 j4strngsbound brake indicator to parking brake
2002-04-11 davidAdd /controls/parking-brake to /controls/brake[0] and
2002-04-11 davidRebound 'B' to toggle /controls/parking-brake.
2002-04-11 davidReplaced DOS line endings.
2002-04-11 jimwUpdate to viewmgr. Reference models in views for locati...
2002-04-10 davidLatest JSBSim changes.
2002-04-10 davidAdded local mass back in for pilot, and added a co...
2002-04-09 davidEnsure that the wingtips are visible from inside the...
2002-04-09 davidComment out the AC_POINTMASS for the pilot for now...