2003-04-17 ehofmanAdded Space Imaging and Airservices Australia
2003-04-17 ehofmanComment out the file selection menu option for now
2003-04-17 ehofmanUpdate the Dutch translation
2003-04-17 ehofmanUpdate the description of the generic I/O option
2003-04-13 jimwShaped cockpit walls. Fixed a bunch of glitches. Change...
2003-04-11 jimwSeat texture. Add throttle control. Fix trim knob texture.
2003-04-10 curtUpdate from current DAFIFT data with a small tweak...
2003-04-08 curtMoved dafift2fix.pl dafift2nav.pl to $fgfs_src/scripts...
2003-04-08 ehofmanUpdate some more controls refferences
2003-04-08 davidRename trim properties.
2003-04-07 ehofmanAdd engine boost selection
2003-04-07 jimwcockpit stuff. trim controls.
2003-04-07 jimwMore cockpit stuff
2003-04-06 ehofmanUpdate to real world colours
2003-04-06 ehofmanFix some typos
2003-04-05 davidFixed typo /controls/light/ instead of /controls/flight/.
2003-04-05 davidCorrect XML well-formedness errors.
2003-04-05 davidUse new magnetos property.
2003-04-05 davidMove the AI tumbling into pa28-base.xml.
2003-04-05 davidInitialize all of the attitude-indicator properties...
2003-04-05 davidAllow the AI to tumble for the PA-28-161.
2003-04-05 davidFactor out common configuration for the Cessna 310...
2003-04-05 davidUse "coverage" instead of "type".
2003-04-04 davidAdd
2003-04-04 davidThe AI for the C172 should tumble in extreme attitudes.
2003-04-04 curtLee Elliott:
2003-04-02 ehofmanSome more small controls updates
2003-04-01 ehofmanAdd log-level to the list of available options
2003-04-01 ehofmanSome additional updates for the controls change
2003-04-01 ehofmanRefference the new options layout in the documentation
2003-04-01 davidFix to use renamed /control properties.
2003-04-01 davidRestore default out-the-window view.
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdate some YASim models to reflect the new controls...
2003-04-01 dluffAdd menu entry for enabling/disabling ATC or AI traffic
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdate some YASim models to reflect the new controls...
2003-04-01 dluffATC/AI dialog
2003-04-01 dluffEnable ATC and AI traffic by default
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdate some YASim models to reflect the new controls...
2003-04-01 jimwUpdates to colors and a couple geometery adjustments...
2003-04-01 ehofmanUpdates to refelect the controls update of FlightGear...
2003-04-01 jimwAdded ignition (magenetos) switch
2003-04-01 jimwChanged pitch offset.
2003-04-01 jimwDefault for fov is 55 degrees in viewer code. Changed...
2003-03-31 ehofmanReposition the HUD so it's in the right place again...
2003-03-31 jimwAdded gear warning. Repositioned gauges, fixed model...
2003-03-29 jimwP-51D. Added magcompass, started hotspots for 3-D panel...
2003-03-29 ehofmanA first stab at an aircraft selection dialog
2003-03-29 davidSquare the control inputs, again.
2003-03-29 davidMore tweaking.
2003-03-29 curtAdd place holder to size future OAT and Annunciator...
2003-03-29 curtDraw the panel the otherway up.
2003-03-29 curtPosition tweaks for the C172 instruments in the 610x...
2003-03-29 curtTweaks to the c172 egt and hsi instruments.
2003-03-29 curtAdd an option (set to true) specifying whether or not...
2003-03-27 ehofmanbugfixes and updates
2003-03-27 jimwFixed glitch in vstab
2003-03-27 jimwAdjustments to fuselage paint
2003-03-26 jimwMore P51-D adjustments. Flattened nose top. Added...
2003-03-26 ehofmanupdate glideslope indicator
2003-03-26 ehofmanLatest update in the never ending quest for the brown...
2003-03-26 ehofmanmake some new aircraft available
2003-03-26 ehofmanLatest pate from David Culp
2003-03-26 ehofmanUse real properties rather than imaginary
2003-03-26 ehofmanUpdate the physics
2003-03-26 jimwMore p51d fixes, added engine gauge unit
2003-03-26 davidAdd an elevator setting to the <cruise> element; otherw...
2003-03-26 davidSwap pilot and passenger positions.
2003-03-25 ehofmanAdd generic output option
2003-03-25 mseligAdding RC joystick support for Hitec Laser 4 transmitte...
2003-03-25 mseligAdds RC joystick support via LewEngineering RCJOY USB...
2003-03-25 jimwFixed problem with stick handle
2003-03-24 davidModified F16 file from Erik Hofman.
2003-03-24 jimwanimated mp gauge
2003-03-24 jimwAdding P-51D
2003-03-24 jimwAdding P-51D
2003-03-23 tonyUpdates from JSBSim, including the new aircraft models...
2003-03-21 j4strngsUpdated options from Erik Hofman
2003-03-21 curtMartin Dressler:
2003-03-21 curtAdd an electrical system to the seahawk
2003-03-20 j4strngsUpdated HSI from Paul Mcann
2003-03-14 davidA greater variety of trees, from Erik Hofman.
2003-03-14 davidAdd GPS to the C310 electrical system.
2003-03-13 j4strngsOops, forgot to add these files for the f16
2003-03-12 j4strngsf16 updates from Erik
2003-03-11 dluffTower frequency data generated from the DAFIF
2003-03-11 davidRemove the power property to make the yoke more sensitive.
2003-03-11 davidRemove the squared property to make the pedals more...
2003-03-11 davidStart with a slight downwards view angle.
2003-03-10 davidPushed up roll, pitch, and yaw damping to improve stabi...
2003-03-10 davidBasic initialization for the GPS.
2003-03-10 j4strngslatest updates from Erik Hofman
2003-03-10 j4strngslatest round of f16 updates from Erik Hofman
2003-03-09 davidUpdate the attributes for <jet> and <propeller> from...
2003-03-09 davidUse the new DME support under /instrumentation/ instead...
2003-03-09 davidInitialize DME switch position.
2003-03-09 davidModified to work with changed "switch" layer.
2003-03-09 davidInitialize DME to serviceable.
2003-03-07 curtOops, fixed the "on" indicator to be driven electricall...
2003-03-07 curtUpdated to referernce Martin's new ultra-realistic...
2003-03-07 curtMartin Dressler: