2003-11-28 ehofmanAdd support for a joystick which calls itself 'Microsof...
2003-11-27 davidAdd a dialog for selecting an airport from a scrolling...
2003-11-27 curtBrandon Craig Rhodes:
2003-11-26 jimwUpdate from Melchior Franz
2003-11-25 davidIgnore the sbin directory, when it exists.
2003-11-25 davidEnable more realistic torque effects.
2003-11-25 davidUse the new ADF radio logic (unfortunately, it does...
2003-11-25 davidRemove the deprecated "INVERT" keyword.
2003-11-25 curtMinor instrument placement tweaks.
2003-11-25 curtOmit a couple more items when "omit-knobs" is activated.
2003-11-23 ehofmandepreciate the grass texture for now and use the tundra...
2003-11-23 ehofmanUpdate to remove some artifacts
2003-11-22 davidMake skids skid, and ignore brakes.
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdd a new tree
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdjust the color settings
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdd support for tundra and savanna coverage. Updated...
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdd tundra and savanna textures, adjust color settings...
2003-11-21 ehofmanMake it a bit less 'static'
2003-11-21 ehofmanMake sure basic.dat.gz is actually gzipped
2003-11-21 ehofmanMake sure basic.dat.gz is actually gzipped
2003-11-21 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2003-11-21 curtAdd the saratoga just off the KSFO coast.
2003-11-20 ehofmanAdd a 3d cockpit by Ilja
2003-11-19 ehofmanBetter audio support for helicopters
2003-11-17 curtElectrical system configuration updates.
2003-11-15 curtSplit the outputs from the bus definition so the electr...
2003-11-14 ehofmanAdd PackIce as found in Goose Bay
2003-11-14 ehofmanAdd two new hangars
2003-11-13 ehofmanDepreciate NetworkOLK and add a description for the...
2003-11-11 ehofmanAnother lot of cosmetic updates. This one start to...
2003-11-10 ehofmanAdd helicopter sounds to all helicopters and improve...
2003-11-09 ehofmanRemove
2003-11-04 ehofmanRemove the original 737 at David Culp's request
2003-11-04 ehofmanGPL'ed helicopter sounds from SearchAndRescue
2003-11-03 ehofmanAdd a default F-16 texture without any markings
2003-11-03 ehofmanUpdate joystick bindings
2003-11-03 ehofmanAdd a parked 747 next to the terminal building
2003-11-01 ehofmanRemove the refference to the 2D panel since that direct...
2003-10-31 davidRetrim model.
2003-10-29 ehofmanAdd a shortcut to tsr2-yasim
2003-10-26 ehofmanMake sure both engines can get fuel
2003-10-26 ehofmanStart with running engine(s)
2003-10-26 ehofmanMake sure the included file is found by using a relativ...
2003-10-26 ehofmanSet the engine to running upon startup
2003-10-24 curtUpdates for 0.9.3
2003-10-24 ehofmanAdd sombe camber to the wings and reduce the vertex...
2003-10-24 ehofmanAdd a missing texture
2003-10-23 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2003-10-23 ehofmanSome last minutes updates
2003-10-23 curtLee Elliott:
2003-10-23 curtLee Elliott:
2003-10-20 ehofmanAdd the new FlightGear tutorial
2003-10-20 ehofmanUpdate the link to the FlightGear tutorial
2003-10-19 ehofmanFix the gear and rudder animation
2003-10-19 ehofmanGeneral updates
2003-10-19 ehofmanUpdate the turbine engines to the new layout from David...
2003-10-18 davidSet a starting RPM and mags on both.
2003-10-18 ehofmanA large number of small cosmetic updates
2003-10-18 jimwSpecify max egt (Kelvin)
2003-10-18 davidAdd Bell 206 JetRanger, CH-47 Chinook, and Ecureuil...
2003-10-18 jimwfix flap animation bug
2003-10-18 jimwChange to using 2D panel for flying from external views
2003-10-17 curtLee Elliott redoes his TSR2 (check it out ...) :-)
2003-10-17 davidDon't make axes exponential.
2003-10-17 davidLit compass for night flying.
2003-10-16 jimwMaik Justus: Helicopter configuration documentation
2003-10-16 jimwTweaks to locations
2003-10-16 curtBumped up to version 0.9.3-pre1
2003-10-15 daveluffRemove the old reset zoom keybinding
2003-10-15 jimwfix up wrapper
2003-10-15 jimwAdding BO 105 configs in anticipation of helicopter...
2003-10-14 daveluffAdd Ctrl-X sets initial field of view in a similar...
2003-10-14 ehofmanReality updates
2003-10-12 curtLee Elliott:
2003-10-11 daveluffApproach control shouldn't be issuing landing clearance
2003-10-11 daveluffAttempt to remove executable attribute
2003-10-11 ehofmanFixes, updates and cleanups. Next stop: animations
2003-10-10 daveluffAdded frequency lookup option to ATC menu
2003-10-10 daveluffAdded a couple of high altitude airport to test vertica...
2003-10-08 ehofmanSmall fixes and changes
2003-10-08 ehofmanSwitch engine type to David Culp's simulated engine...
2003-10-07 ehofmanFixes: F-16'fy it a little more
2003-10-06 ehofmanEnhancements
2003-10-06 jimwPutting back previous version (didn't mean to update...
2003-10-06 jimwhmmmm...guess this is an extra :-)
2003-10-06 jimwFixed a couple cockpit geometery glitches
2003-10-05 davidLose the 2D mag compass, and use a new, 3D one instead.
2003-10-05 david3D glareshield-mounted wet compass (typical mounting...
2003-10-05 ehofmanAdd a 3d model
2003-10-01 davidAdd some whitespace, and initialize the new ADF subsystem.
2003-09-30 jimwJohn Stockhill: While messing around with an aeromatic...
2003-09-29 curtLee Elliot:
2003-09-29 ehofmananother bunch of LOD updates.
2003-09-29 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier: I modified the A320 model so that...
2003-09-28 ehofmanImplement three level LOD for static scenery
2003-09-28 ehofmanUpdates. Mainly trying to remove repetitiveness and...
2003-09-28 ehofmanUpdates. Mainly trying to remove repetitiveness and...
2003-09-28 ehofmanAdd range checking for the static scenery in the hope...
2003-09-27 ehofmanDutch language fixes and updates
2003-09-26 ehofmanMake the Fokker 50, Fokker 100, F-15, F-16 and F-104...