2009-08-11 ehofmanPrevent negative drag
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaexperimental stuff
2009-08-10 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-10 ehofmanadd Cmde table
2009-08-10 tatModified: re-indent xml files
2009-08-10 tatModified: Lift, Drag, CG, pointmass locations, and...
2009-08-10 tatFixed: wrong texture on cabinet / carpet
2009-08-10 tatAdded: livery selection
2009-08-09 timooreRemove empty parameters sections from effects
2009-08-09 sydadamstransponder controller animation update
2009-08-09 torsten Stuart Buchanan: I've been working on a small patch...
2009-08-09 vmmeazzaMore experimental stuff
2009-08-08 sydadamsadded a separate panel file for instrument layout
2009-08-08 tatAdded: Performance Monitor; Modified: Lift and Drag
2009-08-08 timooreTill Busch - effects, shaders and textures for crop...
2009-08-08 sydadamsnew wheels and animation from Jacob Burbach
2009-08-08 sydadamslivery fix
2009-08-07 sydadamsInvisible gear fix from Melchior
2009-08-07 tatNew Aircraft: NAMC YS-11
2009-08-07 tatNew Aircraft: MRJ - Mitsubishi Regional Jet
2009-08-05 dfabersome MP fixes, FDM improvements
2009-08-05 dfabersome MP Fixes
2009-08-05 sydadamsfixed gear extension friction
2009-08-05 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-08-05 vmmeazzaSome repairs
2009-08-05 vmmeazzaAdd return run
2009-08-05 sydadamssome mixture fixes from Melchior
2009-08-05 helijah- new engine 3D very detailed
2009-08-04 vmmeazzaAdd data for experimental demo for railway
2009-08-04 vmmeazzaAdd experimental demo for railway
2009-08-03 helijah- 2 new textures by Maciej Zgódka
2009-08-03 helijah- 1 new textures by Maciej Zgódka
2009-08-03 vmmeazzaAdd wagon - ore - Type MHA
2009-08-02 helijah- add trails engines
2009-08-02 helijah- little change on FDM
2009-08-02 torstenDon't use absolute property path in JSBSim's component...
2009-08-02 torstenDon't use absolute property path in JSBSim's component...
2009-08-02 vmmeazzaAdd Class 66 diesel locomotive
2009-07-30 helijah- buoyancy operational
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaFix bug
2009-07-30 helijah- few update
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaTidy up some more - remove hidden surfaces
2009-07-30 vmmeazzaTidy up - flip surfaces, remove vertices
2009-07-29 helijah- few update and new liverie "Pan American World Airways"
2009-07-29 torstenreplaced by png
2009-07-29 torstenadded lights
2009-07-29 torsten- better lighting of the overhead panel
2009-07-29 helijah- New plane
2009-07-29 vmmeazzaAdd simple train
2009-07-28 torstentypo
2009-07-28 torsteninitial support for master-caution light
2009-07-28 torstena comment
2009-07-28 torsten- moved electrical system to separate file
2009-07-28 torstenNew:
2009-07-28 torstenNew instrument: Collins 313N-3D VHF/DME control panel
2009-07-28 torstenNew instrument: Collins 313N-3 VHF control panel
2009-07-27 helijah- ASI in km/h
2009-07-26 sydadamsRMU fixes
2009-07-25 helijah*** empty log message ***
2009-07-25 helijah- nadd impact bullet (thanks to Dave CULP and NiCQ)
2009-07-25 sydadamsFDM update
2009-07-25 helijah- new other liverie
2009-07-25 torstenStart life for the Master Caution Light
2009-07-25 torstenSTART ENGINES procedure has changed, this tutorial...
2009-07-24 helijah- few update by Guillaume CHAUVAT
2009-07-24 helijah- few update
2009-07-24 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-23 helijah- change color system
2009-07-21 vmmeazzaCorrect ambient light
2009-07-21 helijah- New plane
2009-07-21 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-20 vmmeazzaUpdate slaved property
2009-07-19 jonsSync with scenery db
2009-07-19 timoorefixes to terrain shader
2009-07-19 torstenilluminate the control knobs with instrument lights
2009-07-19 torstenget the marker beacon back
2009-07-17 helijah- add particles effects on tip wings
2009-07-17 helijah- few update
2009-07-17 vmmeazzaAdjust height
2009-07-17 vmmeazzaAdd texture
2009-07-17 helijah- few update
2009-07-15 helijah- news liveries, compression on wheels and fire options
2009-07-15 timooreEffects documentation.
2009-07-15 timooreToggle effects use with property
2009-07-15 timooreUse texture instead of texture0 in terrain shader
2009-07-15 timooreTerrain effect has a shader
2009-07-15 timooreFirst version of default terrain effects file
2009-07-15 timoorenew properties for shadows
2009-07-15 vmmeazzaAdd runway arrester gear type BAK-12. Based on Dave...
2009-07-15 helijah- correction of spoilers
2009-07-15 helijah- New spoilers, new doors for main wheels
2009-07-15 vmmeazzaBetter algnment during major turns. Needs further work...
2009-07-15 sydadamsfixed the CTL-62 - morse ident wasn't enabled
2009-07-14 helijah- New plane
2009-07-13 helijah*** empty log message ***
2009-07-13 helijah- few update by Victhor FOSTER. Thanks to him
2009-07-13 helijah- few update by Victhor FOSTER. Thanks to him
2009-07-12 vmmeazzaAdd LSO communications
2009-07-12 vmmeazzaAdd LSO communications
2009-07-11 mfranzrestore "rebuild-layers"