2008-02-13 mfranzadopt new arrow glyph names and * as raised dot
2008-02-13 mfranzrename '.' glyph and arrow glyph names according to...
2008-02-13 sydadamsremoved condition-lever prop
2008-02-13 sydadamsModel updates ...ski version
2008-02-12 stuartAdd a /sim/rendering/random-vegetation property value...
2008-02-12 stuartAdditional name for CH Fighterstick.
2008-02-12 helijah- JSBSim FDM update by Tatsuhiro Nishioka
2008-02-12 sydadamsmore winter textures
2008-02-12 tatadded T-4's engines :-p
2008-02-12 tatstarted T-4
2008-02-12 tatUpdated nas files for showing variables' scope properly.
2008-02-12 sydadamswinter textures for Textures.high...
2008-02-12 tatUpdated Ki-84 for 1.0.0 and OSG/CVS:
2008-02-11 vmmeazzaCorrect folder contents
2008-02-11 vmmeazzaExperimental formation menu stuff - possible bug fix
2008-02-11 vmmeazzaExperimental formation menu stuff
2008-02-11 vmmeazzaExperimental formation menu stuff
2008-02-11 vmmeazzaExperimental formation menu
2008-02-11 sydadamswinter texture updates
2008-02-11 sydadamsAdding missing winter textures ...more to come
2008-02-10 sydadamsfixed incorrect wiper cycle
2008-02-10 sydadamswiper update .... this one shouldn't break things :)
2008-02-10 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2008-02-10 sydadamsfixed KI206 VOR indicator
2008-02-09 helijah- new plane (JSBSim by TAT)
2008-02-09 sydadamsadded some new tree textures to play with ... winter...
2008-02-08 vmmeazzaSplit the formation so that there is a pair, and a...
2008-02-07 timooreLatest trees update from Stuart Buchanan.
2008-02-07 vmmeazzaExperimental particle and formation stuff
2008-02-07 vmmeazzaExperimental particle stuff
2008-02-07 vmmeazzaExperimental formation
2008-02-07 andyTurns out some code likes to call isa() with non-object...
2008-02-07 mfranzmaintainer: "Restores display of checklist : was a...
2008-02-07 andyFix isa() when used on classes with superclasses.
2008-02-07 mfranzdisable ground steering head turn (until there's a...
2008-02-06 helijah- update by Guillaume CHAUVAT for P180 and Cri cri
2008-02-06 helijah- Update objets 3D and add external tanks
2008-02-05 helijah- just update ofr informations
2008-02-05 dfaberFamous russian fighter Aircraft.
2008-02-05 helijah- YASim FDM corrections by Jettoo.
2008-02-05 helijah- new fluids.nas by S├ębastion MARQUE for instruments
2008-02-05 mfranz- make timer.stop() return "me"
2008-02-04 abory- Fixed the altimeter setting knob.
2008-02-04 curtLee Elliott:
2008-02-04 sydadamsFDM and model updates
2008-02-04 helijah- new g-force by Tiago_G
2008-02-03 helijah- Just a test with particles of Tiago_G
2008-02-03 vmmeazzaRemove unwanted print statements
2008-02-03 sydadamstexture and model fixes...
2008-02-03 vmmeazzaImplement fuel transfer valves
2008-02-03 helijah- New acrobatic plane
2008-02-03 vmmeazzaImplement Fuel-No-Air valves
2008-02-03 sydadams*** empty log message ***
2008-02-03 sydadamsAdded exterior lights, wipers ...
2008-02-02 timooreSpecification of random tree models and densities....
2008-02-02 mfranzDave PERRY:
2008-02-02 vmmeazzaAnimate magnetic indicators
2008-02-01 sydadamstexure fixes
2008-02-01 sydadamsadded AI livery
2008-02-01 sydadamsmore cockpit updates ...
2008-01-31 sydadamsadded yokes, pedals ...
2008-01-30 mfranzmake axis wrappers a tad faster (and a whole lot cooler :-)
2008-01-30 mfranzpreferences.xml: drop /sim/input/selected/engine settin...
2008-01-30 sydadamsadded wheels to floats
2008-01-30 mfranzpre-select 12 engines, as needed for the Dornier DO-X
2008-01-29 mfranzmake mixture/propeller/carbHear only work for selected...
2008-01-28 sydadamsadded rear door removal ... skydiving config
2008-01-28 sydadamsstill a lot of work to be done ... and its OSG hotspots...
2008-01-27 helijah- Update FDM by Pierre GEOFFROY
2008-01-26 helijah- update 3D model and FDM
2008-01-26 helijah- little update
2008-01-26 helijah- update FDM, add instruments
2008-01-26 helijah- Updating of FDM, cleaning up unnecessary files. Optim...
2008-01-26 helijah- Updating of FDM, cleaning up unnecessary files. Optim...
2008-01-25 abory- Minor update:
2008-01-25 abory- davidB21: Update for the new strt procedure.
2008-01-25 helijah- corrections for end and start to ailerons
2008-01-24 abory- Major update:
2008-01-24 helijah- Update 3D model
2008-01-24 helijah- new FDM, new instruments
2008-01-23 mfranzuse the destructor (which I had totally forgotten)
2008-01-23 mfranzJosh BABCOCK:
2008-01-23 abory- Minor fix: TACAN course deviation bar.
2008-01-23 abory- Minor fixes: submodels transparency layer through...
2008-01-22 mfranzinsert WP list file on selected position, or append...
2008-01-22 mfranzwhat about using string.trim() correctly?!
2008-01-22 mfranzdelete the file dialog, not the route manager dialog
2008-01-22 mfranzadd button to load waypoint file (idea by Philip COBBIN)
2008-01-21 helijah- New aircraft. I need help to finish the FDM
2008-01-21 helijah- ADD "X" on splashscreen title (Dornier Do "X")
2008-01-21 mfranzchange fuel filler color (yeah, manual <global> is...
2008-01-21 curtStewart Andreason: a futuristic hovercraft with a varie...
2008-01-21 mfranzremove "global" flags from material animations
2008-01-21 helijah- New plane
2008-01-20 mfranzadopt glyph names from apt.dat 840 for "runway safety...
2008-01-20 mfranzrestore KRHV taxiway demo site
2008-01-18 mfranzdon't save view-enabled state of nameless views to...
2008-01-18 vmmeazzaAdjust panel angles, LODs etc.
2008-01-17 vmmeazzaAdd port pilot sub-panels by AJ
2008-01-17 sydadamsUpdates from Tat...