2009-12-01 ehofmanIsaĆ­as V. Prestes:
2009-12-01 ehofmanuse consistent property name for the default sound...
2009-12-01 ehofmanuse consistent property name for the default sound...
2009-11-30 ehofmanupdate to allow selection of a new sound device
2009-11-30 ehofmanFirst stab at a new sound configuration dialog
2009-11-30 ehofmanmatch sound code changes
2009-11-29 torstenGijs de Roy:
2009-11-29 helijah*** empty log message ***
2009-11-27 helijah- new splashscreen by Michat. Thanks to him
2009-11-26 torstenreplace rgb by png
2009-11-26 stuartShort-term fix to fix alpha-blending problems with...
2009-11-26 stuartCorrect effect name.
2009-11-26 timooreupdate to a more recent version of the cloud shader
2009-11-26 timooreeffect for clouds
2009-11-25 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-25 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-25 stuartUnbreak the dme, by adding a full path to the ki266...
2009-11-25 stuartVarious cockpit updates for c172p:
2009-11-25 vmmeazzaUpdated Seahawk H60 - thanks to Alexis Bory for his...
2009-11-25 helijah- new splashscreen by Michat. Thanks to him
2009-11-25 ehofmanAdd strake vortices.
2009-11-24 curtInitial revision.
2009-11-24 ehofmanBesides a smoke trail (with updated texture) also add...
2009-11-24 ehofmanUpdated flare with a smoke trail
2009-11-24 stuartAdd panel lighting control so the panel/instruments...
2009-11-24 stuartUpdates from Dave PERRY:
2009-11-23 timooreNew tree rendering algorithm
2009-11-23 ehofmanupdated exhaust heat effect
2009-11-23 ehofmanadd tye smoke
2009-11-23 ehofmanAdd exhaust heat effect
2009-11-22 stuartAdd support for scroll-wheel adjustments to the standar...
2009-11-22 stuartAdd scrollwheel support to the HI.
2009-11-22 stuartUpdated help text for the c172p.
2009-11-22 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-22 stuartUpdated Rendering and Display options dialogs.
2009-11-22 stuartChange "Adjust View Distance" to "Adjust View Position...
2009-11-22 vmmeazzaAdd ship "FlightPlan" for Vinson BG
2009-11-21 timooreMove hard wired tree shader to an effect
2009-11-21 torstendistribute the indicated heading to the standard proper...
2009-11-21 vmmeazzabugfix
2009-11-21 vmmeazzaAdd eye-candy
2009-11-21 vmmeazzaAdd to deck park
2009-11-21 vmmeazzaAdd Rescue Helo, correct callsigns
2009-11-19 vmmeazzaAdd Seahawk H60B
2009-11-19 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-19 ehofmanfix lift due to flaperons
2009-11-19 ehofmanUhm flapperons instead of ailerons..
2009-11-19 sydadamsAdded <precipitation-enable> to the list , prevents...
2009-11-19 timoorelight two-sided polygons
2009-11-18 jmtFrom Dave Perry:
2009-11-17 timooreclamp lighting values and support transparency material...
2009-11-17 jmt737-300 updates from Heiko Schulz:
2009-11-17 jmtRemove some old files.
2009-11-17 jmtRemove some old SGI-format textures.
2009-11-17 abory- Cosmetics.
2009-11-17 timoorein shaders, get alpha directly from diffuse material...
2009-11-17 timooreProvide some reasonable default textures
2009-11-16 jmtInitial revision
2009-11-16 torstentypo, double slash in property name.
2009-11-16 torstenAdd the autovisibility functionality for the menubar.
2009-11-16 torstenAdd the autovisibility functionality for the menubar.
2009-11-16 curtFabrice Kauffmann:
2009-11-16 timooreAdd emissive and shininess parameters to default terrai...
2009-11-15 martinJohn Holden:
2009-11-15 abory- Obsolete.
2009-11-15 abory- Replace rgb textures, improve panel.
2009-11-15 abory- Cosmetics, nicer gun.
2009-11-15 abory- Cosmetics.
2009-11-15 ehofmanUpdated splash-screen and thumbnail.
2009-11-15 ehofmanGive the DC-3 a little loving
2009-11-15 ehofmanDifferent liveries for the Dutch (or rather EPAF) and...
2009-11-15 abory- Jean Pellotier: ADF bearing rotation is enough....
2009-11-14 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-14 jmtDave Perry:
2009-11-14 jmtFrom Dave Perry:
2009-11-14 timooreCreated different default shaders for models.
2009-11-14 timooreChrome effects file
2009-11-14 timooredefault effects file for models
2009-11-13 vmmeazzaAdjust Deck Park 2
2009-11-13 vmmeazzaAdd station by true bearing and random patrol of statio...
2009-11-13 vmmeazzaAdd Deck Park 2 - by Alexis Bory
2009-11-13 vmmeazzaBy Anders Gidenstam
2009-11-13 vmmeazzaBy Anders Gidenstam
2009-11-13 ehofmanIsaias V. Prestes: add livery selection
2009-11-13 torstenElevators don't create negative drag (=thrust).
2009-11-13 ehofmanUpdates by Michel Maia and Isaias V. Prestes
2009-11-10 curtFrabrice Kauffmann:
2009-11-09 ehofmanAdd a description of the 'type' tag
2009-11-09 ehofmanset the stall horn and kap140 type to 'avionics' and...
2009-11-09 ehofmanRemove leading slashes from property names
2009-11-09 ehofmanUpdate the sound configuration
2009-11-08 vmmeazzaAdd missing files
2009-11-08 jmtDave Perry: removes joystick vs autopilot jitter
2009-11-08 jmtDave Perry: parks gs needle when gs out of range, yoke...
2009-11-08 jmtDave Perry: smooths transition to glideslope for Centur...
2009-11-08 abory- Fixes ambient colors.
2009-11-08 abory- Fixes ambient colors.
2009-11-08 ehofmanbetter dirtmap
2009-11-08 dfaberlittle change in FDM, added two dutch Liveries
2009-11-08 dfaberadded a Livery, improved Wheel animation, integrated...