2008-12-09 martinHolger Wirtz:
2008-12-09 sydadamsresized altitude ribbon texture .... was above 2048...
2008-12-09 mfranzstore 30 history entries by default (settable via property
2008-12-09 mfranzscale back a bit from the last values: Rotor should...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: 20 presets only.
2008-12-08 mfranzsigh ... more bvi tweaking. (I'll do that as often...
2008-12-08 mfranzadjust bvi sound pitch
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: New radio, new instruments for the back...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Nicer seats.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: When engaged "DLC" is now displayed...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: New VHF Direction Finder.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: A few instruments duplicated for the...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: New tanks.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Cleaning.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Cleaning
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Fixed Liveries system, FXs texture smaller.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Fixed the liveries system.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Liveries system fixed, new Swordmen...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Cleaning.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: cleaning (1,7Mo !!)
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: texture switched to PNG. Smaller texture...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: cleaning.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: obsoletes or replaced by png.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: bip.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Added a property for the DLC system...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: save TCN course radial, added a radio.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: cosmetics.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Liveries, Ctrl-v also switches from...
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Added a prop for the DLC system.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: Radios, liveries.
2008-12-08 abory- Alexis Bory: radios, liveries.
2008-12-08 torsteninitNode - not getNode. Thanks m.
2008-12-08 torstencleanup of unuses stuff
2008-12-08 torstenmodifications to engine definition required for Ron...
2008-12-08 torstenmake use of initNode
2008-12-08 mfranz- make fuel system respect /sim/freeze/fuel
2008-12-08 mfranzfix gear coordinates
2008-12-08 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM:
2008-12-08 tatRemoved: experimental files in JSBSim version.
2008-12-08 mfranzalso search value
2008-12-08 mfranzfix external BVI sound
2008-12-08 helijah- New details by Brisa. See README.news file
2008-12-08 sydadamsuse Primus files in Instruments-3d / Citation instrumen...
2008-12-08 sydadamsmoved Primus to Instruments-3d
2008-12-08 sydadamsAdded livery system ,
2008-12-08 sydadamsPrimus updates ... moving copies out of the Bravo and...
2008-12-08 mfranzmore tuning: enough power to lift MTOW and enough drag...
2008-12-07 martin'fgfsdb' is obsolete, all files are now available from...
2008-12-07 mfranz- add transfer pump switches & minor fuel fixes
2008-12-07 mfranz- set fuel-fraction to 1 (full tanks)
2008-12-07 martinFix references to antiquated 'Models/fgfsdb/' directory.
2008-12-07 martinMove into proper section.
2008-12-07 martinRemove more duplicate/replaced/obsolete files.
2008-12-07 mfranzadd constants GAL2L and LB2KG
2008-12-07 mfranz- move rotor and ballast 20 cm back (CBS!)
2008-12-07 mfranzadd (magic) transfer pumps and only draw from supply...
2008-12-06 martinSync CVS Base Package shared models with the Scenery...
2008-12-06 fredbStuart Buchanan :
2008-12-06 martinRemove files which have been rendered obsolete and...
2008-12-06 mfranzsimplified (non-generic) fuel handling with main->suppl...
2008-12-06 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM: use standard size (171x128)
2008-12-06 mfranzAnders GIDENSTAM:
2008-12-06 torstenNew livery. In memory of D-ENMU
2008-12-06 gerardsome cosmetics on panel, solved ugly visual effects.
2008-12-06 torstenswapped upper and lower kx165, so com1 is above com2
2008-12-05 mfranz- document n/N & m/M keys (power adjust and balance)
2008-12-05 mfranz- minor weight and fuel capacity adjustment
2008-12-05 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: "Add low-poly bluebird for multiplayer"
2008-12-05 mfranzStewart ANDREASON:
2008-12-05 torsten- Added new intrument: ki266 dme indicator
2008-12-05 torsten- Added new intrument: ki266 dme indicator
2008-12-05 torstenNew instrument: ki266 dme indicator
2008-12-05 torstendisable display when electrical /systems/electrical...
2008-12-05 helijah- Add mixture on panel by Brisa
2008-12-05 torstenAdded new intrument: kma20 Marker/Audio panel
2008-12-05 torstenNew instrument: KMA20 Marker/Audio panel.
2008-12-05 martinBinary (texture) files of Shared Models update.
2008-12-04 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-12-04 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-12-04 fredbStuart Buchanan :
2008-12-04 mfranz- :DY opens Nasal Console
2008-12-04 mfranzfuel dialog: add tank checkbox only if the "selected...
2008-12-04 mfranzinitNode: add fourth optional parameter: "force", which...
2008-12-04 mfranzlet the turbines actually consume fuel
2008-12-04 mfranzmain tank: 579 l, supply tank: ?
2008-12-03 torstenadded instrument lights
2008-12-03 mfranzinitNode: make path optional and let it default to...
2008-12-03 mfranzdump: no space after [ and before ]
2008-12-03 gerardAdding the carrier wires/hook capabilities to JSBSim FDM
2008-12-03 mfranzStewart ANDREASON: fix walker speed,landing,and visibil...
2008-12-03 dfaberimproved FDM
2008-12-03 dfaberStewart Andreason: update to version 8.2
2008-12-03 gerardminor upgrade on AoA
2008-12-02 mfranzadd some missing "var"
2008-12-02 gerardremove old files no longer in use, and transfer AOA...
2008-12-02 dfaberStewart Andreason: corrected some bugs running walker...
2008-12-01 gerarda bug with canopy
2008-12-01 gerardremove some no longer useful nasal script, some being...
2008-12-01 martinHeiko Schulz:
2008-12-01 mfranz- provide attitude indicator with n2 stage rpm