2014-01-29 Stuart BuchananUpdate refueling information for Vulcan.
2014-01-29 Stuart BuchananUpdate f-14b to support air-to-air refueling.
2014-01-29 BARANGER EmmanuelGrumman F6F Hellcat : Improving the tailwheel, adding...
2014-01-29 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-29 BARANGER EmmanuelYak 23 Flora : If I did not make a mistake, compatibili...
2014-01-29 PhilosopherCanvas ND: fix altitude as rotation bug
2014-01-28 PhilosopherCanvas ND: small tweaks
2014-01-27 Emilian HuminiucSet better rembrandt defaults which improve compatibility
2014-01-27 Hyde Yamakawa777:Set canvas popup selective
2014-01-27 PhilosopherCanvas ND: use MapStructure for TFC, other misc.
2014-01-26 Clément de... FGCom: add unit + store silence threshold value
2014-01-26 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-26 Hyde YamakawaMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-26 Hyde YamakawaAdd altitude profile T/C, T/D, S/C and E/D mark on...
2014-01-26 Clément de... DR400-dauphin: fix taxiline not shown through glasses...
2014-01-26 Clément de... FGCom: add silence threshold setting
2014-01-26 Hyde Yamakawa777:T/D property name change
2014-01-26 BARANGER EmmanuelNew airplane : Yakovlev Yak 23 Flora
2014-01-26 PhilosopherCanvas ND: keep canvases through reinit
2014-01-26 PhilosopherCanvas ND: obey traffic switch
2014-01-26 Hyde Yamakawa777:Fix scale textures
2014-01-25 Clément de... Update french translation for menubar
2014-01-25 Clément de... Update Help for UFO
2014-01-25 Stuart BuchananReplace ac-str clouds with ac for ac cloudfields. ...
2014-01-25 Hyde Yamakawa777:Lettering illumination consistancy
2014-01-24 PhilosopherCanvas ND: also work on 747
2014-01-24 PhilosopherCanvas ND: Do del() on reinit
2014-01-23 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-23 Clément de... Improve runway reflection shader by Emilian H.
2014-01-23 BARANGER EmmanuelMirage 2000-5 : New instrument (Transponder), CHANGELOG...
2014-01-23 James TurnerMPCarriers use resolvepath()
2014-01-23 Thorsten RenkHigh quality dirt runway effect for ALS
2014-01-23 Thorsten RenkRegional texture definitions for South Africa
2014-01-23 Hyde Yamakawa777:EFIS control panel lattering change
2014-01-23 Clément de... DR400-dauphin: remove sound played at startup
2014-01-21 Stuart BuchananUpdated Manuals, readme.pdf and short reference. Inclu...
2014-01-21 PhilosopherNasal internals LaTeX document (.tex & .pdf)
2014-01-21 Hyde Yamakawa777:New splash screen
2014-01-20 Thomas GeymayerCanvas: remove API for FlightGear 2.8
2014-01-20 Hyde Yamakawa777:Landing light switch modification
2014-01-20 PhilosopherRemove old references to /sim/auto-coordination.
2014-01-20 Hyde Yamakawa777:Revert back the altitude command property to preven...
2014-01-19 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-19 BARANGER EmmanuelNew airplane : Dunne D.5
2014-01-19 Clément de... able to change FoV in spring-loaded mode
2014-01-19 PhilosopherFix #1310 - typo in material.nas
2014-01-18 Gijs de RooyNavigation display: fix map range, hide HDG bug after...
2014-01-18 James TurnerBug-fix: cap model shader quality to 1.0
2014-01-18 James TurnerBug-fix: only set AP altitude for 'at' constraint.
2014-01-17 Hyde Yamakawa777:Lettering ilumination change
2014-01-17 Torsten DreyerVersion 3.1.0
2014-01-17 Torsten DreyerNo double-zero for the version number :-/
2014-01-17 James TurnerFix emissive values in AI A320,A321,A319.
2014-01-17 NecolatisJA-37:
2014-01-17 D-NXKTASW20: winch/aerotowing improvements
2014-01-17 Thomas GeymayerEC 130: remove ec135/R44 dependencies and fix some...
2014-01-17 Hyde Yamakawa777:Fine tuning of new 3d cockpit
2014-01-17 Thomas GeymayerNasal: fix gui.setCursor without cursor (aka warp)
2014-01-17 mhabMajor updates to the Eurocopter EC130.
2014-01-16 Torsten DreyerVersion 3.0.0
2014-01-16 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-16 BARANGER EmmanuelMil Mi 24 : Fixed path problem in all-ricket.xml file...
2014-01-16 Clément de... Fix conflict Tab key vs cycle mouse mode
2014-01-16 Hyde Yamakawa777:Tuning up new 3d cockpit
2014-01-15 Emilian HuminiucFix airport linear features z-fighting
2014-01-15 Emilian HuminiucRemove intermediate quality settings from the ubershade...
2014-01-15 James TurnerFix depth-writes after early-Z kill.
2014-01-14 Hyde Yamakawa777:Suppress nasal error when destination does not...
2014-01-14 James TurnerBugfix: HUD GPS data only shown if WP1 is valid.
2014-01-14 Thorsten RenkRevised regional texture definitions for Iceland for...
2014-01-14 Hyde Yamakawa777:New 3D cockpit by I-NEMO
2014-01-13 Anders GidenstamUpdated Short Empire:
2014-01-13 Gijs de RooyUpdate date in about dialog
2014-01-13 James TurnerRemove fill-rate burning early-Z passes.
2014-01-13 Thorsten RenkRemoved Experimental label and warning that ALS disable...
2014-01-13 Thorsten RenkMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/fg/fgdata
2014-01-13 Thorsten RenkSeparate, non-agricultural texture definition for Grass...
2014-01-13 BARANGER EmmanuelNorth American T28D Trojan : Fixed a problem of texture...
2014-01-13 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-13 BARANGER EmmanuelNew airplane : North American T28D Trojan
2014-01-12 Clément de... FGCom: update server list
2014-01-12 Stuart BuchananVarious bug fixes to the C172p tutorials.
2014-01-12 Stuart BuchananAdd ability to clear screen.window, and use it.
2014-01-12 James TurnerFix ubershader for Mac, in more places.
2014-01-12 Hyde YamakawaB777 secondary engine display by Jean-Yves
2014-01-12 Hal V. EngelMove location of main gear contact 1 inch forward.
2014-01-12 Hal V. EngelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-12 Hal V. EngelTune takeoff pitch damping code.
2014-01-11 James TurnerFix Uberhader-Rembrandt bug on Mac.
2014-01-11 Gijs de RooyGenius F-31U update by Martin Měřinský
2014-01-11 Gijs de RooyNew joystick: Logitech G940 by Martin Měřinský
2014-01-10 BARANGER EmmanuelMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:fg/fgdata
2014-01-10 PhilosopherMapStructure work & (partial) integration
2014-01-10 BARANGER EmmanuelEurocopter Dauphin : Compatibility Rembrandt. 11 new...
2014-01-08 Gijs de RooyNavigation display:
2014-01-07 janodesboisCatalina update by the grtux team
2014-01-06 Clément de... DR400-dauphin: Force nav[1] to be Off
2014-01-05 BARANGER EmmanuelRadarDist : Fixed a problem onboard radar happens autom...
2014-01-05 Hal V. EngelImprove shape and color of mixture and prop knobs.
2014-01-05 Hal V. EngelMake minor adjustment to throttle model.