2008-10-05 martinAdd tower-positions as well, general update following...
2008-10-04 mfranzreplace all %%
2008-10-04 helijah- little update
2008-10-04 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-10-03 helijah*** empty log message ***
2008-10-03 mfranzaircraft.nas: light: remove backwards compatibility...
2008-10-03 curtNeed to use <aircraft-version> to satisfy packaging...
2008-10-03 mfranz- move color functions from debug.nas to string.nas
2008-10-03 mfranz- use aircraft.teleport() function
2008-10-03 mfranzadd teleport() function
2008-10-03 torsten- separated GearLever from Panel
2008-10-03 mfranz- fix :Pg (Position on ground): s/seed/speed/
2008-10-03 mfranzmultikey.nas: don't show empty ("reserved") entries
2008-10-03 helijah- little update
2008-10-03 curtSet version and status.
2008-10-02 abory- Alexis Bory: As seen previously with Till, the nasty...
2008-10-02 tatFixed: tacan channel postfix - from {x,y} to {X,Y}
2008-10-02 tatRemoved RouteManager raw command, and added add/delete...
2008-10-02 mfranz- remove the Q section (this was meant to be an Easter...
2008-10-02 mfranz- gui.nas: make fuel&payload warning closable with Esc
2008-10-02 mfranz- add TACAN function
2008-10-02 mfranzadd initial slightly greyed out help text about <Tab...
2008-10-02 torsten- two more instruments: fuel pump indicator and icing...
2008-10-02 mfranzrepair :? help function ... sigh, should never have...
2008-10-02 dfaberperformance envelope optimisations
2008-10-02 mfranzuse patthern tree, offer options on <TAB>
2008-10-02 mfranzscanf: don't bark on empty test string if format ends...
2008-10-01 abory- Guillaume Chauvat.
2008-10-01 abory- Guillaume Chauvat. V-0.0.4
2008-10-01 mfranzadd field width to %s & coding style
2008-10-01 torsten- bugfix: check for hydraulic fluid was upside down
2008-10-01 torstennew instrument: RMI
2008-10-01 tatSorted the top level keys
2008-10-01 tatAdded: command :ar<command> to execute route manager...
2008-10-01 tatAdded: command :Pg<airport>[ <runway>] to specify posit...
2008-10-01 tatAdded: %s support for scanf
2008-10-01 mfranz:rc%us%f ... set comm%u standby frequency
2008-10-01 mfranzwhoops
2008-10-01 mfranzmove improved help screen generator multikey.{xml ...
2008-10-01 torsten- add life to fuel used instrument
2008-10-01 torsten- start with engines running
2008-10-01 torstenSome more instruments
2008-10-01 mfranzuse color codes only when printing to the terminal
2008-10-01 mfranzcolorize :?
2008-10-01 mfranzremove v-group (this was only an example for testing...
2008-10-01 mfranzoutput multikey command list with :?
2008-10-01 mfranzadd D (Dialog) entries
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaUse air-bleed system
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaUse air-bleed pressure
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaImplement flap blowing using YASim flap effectiveness
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaImplement flap blowing using YASim flap effectiveness...
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaImplement flap blowing using YASim flap effectiveness
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaTriangulate some quads, change component grouping
2008-10-01 vmmeazzaReduce particle life
2008-09-30 mfranzOliver SCHROEDER: "config for the Saitek Pro Flight...
2008-09-30 mfranzBe a bit more careful with the kbd hack ... not that...
2008-09-30 mfranz:e -> {m,p,t} -> {<value>,CurUp,CurDn} adj. mixture...
2008-09-30 mfranzalso let adjEngControl return value (average of selecte...
2008-09-30 jonsAdd random horses
2008-09-30 torstenImproved dragchute lever
2008-09-30 mfranzmake slewProp(), and with it {aileron,elevator,rudder...
2008-09-30 torsten- added overhead panel
2008-09-30 torstencode cleanup
2008-09-30 torstenindividual copilot instruments
2008-09-30 torstennew instrument
2008-09-30 torsten- using individual systems and instruments
2008-09-30 torstenpreparation for the sound system
2008-09-30 torstenpreparation for the online help
2008-09-30 torstenadded slat kinematics (no aerodynamic effect yet)
2008-09-30 torsten- replaced generic systems and instruments
2008-09-30 torstenNew Instruments
2008-09-30 torstenObjects renamed
2008-09-30 torstenrenamed hydraulic systems
2008-09-30 torstenCleanup of unused content
2008-09-29 mfranzs/desc/_/ & cosmetics
2008-09-29 mfranzmore documentation & some cosmetics
2008-09-29 helijah- new plane
2008-09-29 mfranzdoes no longer work after the nasal update
2008-09-29 mfranzadd documentation
2008-09-29 mfranzs/desc/_/ (binding return variable)
2008-09-29 mfranz- s/desc/_/ for return values
2008-09-29 mfranzhack around kbd bug for now (eew!)
2008-09-29 mfranzindendation fix, drop a few braces (because we can :-)
2008-09-29 mfranzstring.scanf(): return elements in vector given as...
2008-09-29 vmmeazzaAdd Flap Effectivness
2008-09-28 martinModified 'apt.dat' to match the upcoming Scenery -...
2008-09-28 martinChristian Schmitt:
2008-09-28 martinAlexis Bory:
2008-09-28 mfranzadd per-engine throttle/mixture/prop-pitch settings...
2008-09-28 martinMove this vessel into a directory which is maintained...
2008-09-28 mfranzstart vi-like multiple-key commands with ':'
2008-09-28 mfranzimplementation of vi-like multiple-key commands (as...
2008-09-28 mfranzvarious formal improvements
2008-09-28 mfranzstring.scanf(): more efficient and (more :) correct...
2008-09-28 mfranzload multikey.xml file
2008-09-28 mfranzscanf: '+' or '-' alone aren't really numbers
2008-09-28 mfranzTatsuhiro NISHIOKA & /me: first draft of multikey defin...
2008-09-27 abory- Alexis Bory: minor fixes.
2008-09-27 torstenrestored the GearLever
2008-09-27 torstenAnimated DME indicator