2003-03-25 ehofmanAdd generic output option
2003-03-25 mseligAdding RC joystick support for Hitec Laser 4 transmitte...
2003-03-25 mseligAdds RC joystick support via LewEngineering RCJOY USB...
2003-03-25 jimwFixed problem with stick handle
2003-03-24 davidModified F16 file from Erik Hofman.
2003-03-24 jimwanimated mp gauge
2003-03-24 jimwAdding P-51D
2003-03-24 jimwAdding P-51D
2003-03-23 tonyUpdates from JSBSim, including the new aircraft models...
2003-03-21 j4strngsUpdated options from Erik Hofman
2003-03-21 curtMartin Dressler:
2003-03-21 curtAdd an electrical system to the seahawk
2003-03-20 j4strngsUpdated HSI from Paul Mcann
2003-03-14 davidA greater variety of trees, from Erik Hofman.
2003-03-14 davidAdd GPS to the C310 electrical system.
2003-03-13 j4strngsOops, forgot to add these files for the f16
2003-03-12 j4strngsf16 updates from Erik
2003-03-11 dluffTower frequency data generated from the DAFIF
2003-03-11 davidRemove the power property to make the yoke more sensitive.
2003-03-11 davidRemove the squared property to make the pedals more...
2003-03-11 davidStart with a slight downwards view angle.
2003-03-10 davidPushed up roll, pitch, and yaw damping to improve stabi...
2003-03-10 davidBasic initialization for the GPS.
2003-03-10 j4strngslatest updates from Erik Hofman
2003-03-10 j4strngslatest round of f16 updates from Erik Hofman
2003-03-09 davidUpdate the attributes for <jet> and <propeller> from...
2003-03-09 davidUse the new DME support under /instrumentation/ instead...
2003-03-09 davidInitialize DME switch position.
2003-03-09 davidModified to work with changed "switch" layer.
2003-03-09 davidInitialize DME to serviceable.
2003-03-07 curtOops, fixed the "on" indicator to be driven electricall...
2003-03-07 curtUpdated to referernce Martin's new ultra-realistic...
2003-03-07 curtMartin Dressler:
2003-03-07 curtMartin Dressler:
2003-03-07 curtLee Elliott:
2003-03-05 curtNew irregular crop texture is designed to cover a large...
2003-03-05 curtErik Hofman:
2003-03-05 curtErik Hofman:
2003-03-05 j4strngsf16 updates from Erik Hofman
2003-03-02 davidAdded radios dialog.
2003-03-02 davidMake the default c172-3d instead of c172.
2003-03-02 davidPoint to c172p instead of c172r.
2003-03-02 davidPoint to c172p-3d instead of c172r-3d.
2003-03-02 davidView hat pans smoothly.
2003-03-02 davidPatch from Erik Hofman:
2003-03-02 davidChange to an alias.
2003-03-01 curtUpdates to the "Generic" electrical system to make...
2003-03-01 curtAdd a generic electrical system.
2003-03-01 curtLee Elliott:
2003-02-28 j4strngsf16 analog instruments and chunked background textures
2003-02-28 j4strngslatest F16 from Erik Hofman
2003-02-27 davidNew model from Erik Hofman.
2003-02-26 curtLee Elliott:
2003-02-26 curtLee Elliott:
2003-02-25 j4strngsimproved f16 from Erik Hofman
2003-02-25 j4strngsimproved f-16 from Erik Hofman
2003-02-24 j4strngsgrafx for fschool
2003-02-24 j4strngsSources for FlightGear flight school
2003-02-24 j4strngsAdd Carsten Hoefer's excellent flight tutorial to help...
2003-02-22 davidMinor adjustments to ailerons, struts, and front interi...
2003-02-21 davidRenamed 'presets' to 'location' to make the purpose...
2003-02-21 davidDocument new options.
2003-02-20 davidGenerate fixes and navaid information from DAFIFT files...
2003-02-19 davidMinor tweaks, including a strong rudder and a weaker...
2003-02-18 davidDocumented twist and incidence properties for wings.
2003-02-18 davidFix gear problem.
2003-02-18 davidTwisted wing and more limited elevator travel for a...
2003-02-18 davidIncrease the lift slightly for the wing flaps.
2003-02-18 davidAdd washout to the wings, and limit the elevator -...
2003-02-18 davidHave the hat scroll the view around instead of snapping...
2003-02-18 davidMove back the viewpoint slightly so that all of the...
2003-02-18 davidInitialize the /sim/sound/audible and /sim/sound/voice...
2003-02-17 jimwMinor adjustments to geometry JW
2003-02-16 curtRevert to original RPM gauge. If you want to use the...
2003-02-16 curtMissed one instrument.
2003-02-16 jimwFixed texture mapping for needle
2003-02-16 jimwAdded bindings for mode switch. Rudder control to...
2003-02-14 davidAdded the "FLYING HINTS" section from the 1946 owner...
2003-02-14 curtLee Elliott:
2003-02-14 jimwBound keys for view scrolling as suggested by Martin...
2003-02-13 dluffInitial data file for Alexander Kappes's parameterised...
2003-02-13 dluffFix EDLW approach frequency
2003-02-12 davidAdded a slider for turbulence.
2003-02-10 curtUpdated to reference new instruments.
2003-02-10 curtUpdates to the C172-S instruments and some renaming.
2003-02-07 curtPaul Mccann:
2003-02-06 curtFixes from Lee Elliott.
2003-02-06 jimwPitch offset moved to viewer config
2003-02-06 jimwPitch offset moved to viewer config
2003-02-06 jimwPitch Offset moved to viewer config
2003-02-06 jimwPitch offset moved to viewer config
2003-02-06 curtJim Wilson:
2003-02-06 curtLee Elliott:
2003-02-06 davidRemove duplicate entry for Uplands TACAN (UUP) -- it...
2003-02-03 curtSpecify rpm source for alternators. This supports...
2003-02-03 curtSwitch to a c310 specific electrical system configuration.
2003-02-03 curtAn initial stab (roughed out) of the C310 electrical...
2003-02-03 curtDefault the c172 starter to off (i.e. not cranking.)
2003-02-03 davidFiddled with the 3D eyepoint a bit more, and switched...
2003-02-03 davidAdded some weight and simplified some coefficients.