2001-07-16 j4strngschanged name of version file
2001-07-16 j4strngsFile containing revision info
2001-07-16 curt- bound ^R to /sim/temp/winding-ccw
2001-07-16 curt- change default throttle binding to move both throttle...
2001-07-14 curtInitial revision.
2001-07-13 j4strngsAdded some links, changed some wording
2001-07-13 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2001-07-13 j4strngsAdded bat file for windows help
2001-07-09 j4strngsfixed case of link
2001-07-08 j4strngsHTML help
2001-07-07 j4strngsAdded description of property units
2001-07-07 j4strngsAdded ino on coolie hats
2001-07-06 j4strngsBrake indicator can set parking brake
2001-07-03 j4strngsJW mini panel
2001-07-03 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2001-07-03 j4strngsJim Wilsons transparent mini-panel
2001-07-03 j4strngsManual
2001-07-03 j4strngsUser Doco
2001-07-03 j4strngsAdded User Doco
2001-07-03 curtBuilt databases with metakit-2.01
2001-07-03 j4strngsUpdated instruments
2001-07-03 j4strngsUpdated X15 Panel Removed "default" X15 panel file
2001-07-02 curtUpdated runways and airport data.
2001-07-02 j4strngsAdded Docs directory and start populating it.
2001-07-02 curt** Properties Renamed
2001-06-26 curt- added ESC to quit FlightGear
2001-06-22 curtAdded taxiway textures.
2001-06-22 curtUpdated to new binary scenery format w/ taxiways.
2001-06-22 curtUpdated to version 2.47 (which includes taxiway data)
2001-06-20 curt- added new binding B (shift-b) to toggle parking brake...
2001-06-15 curtSynced Thanks file with source.
2001-06-13 curtAdded ctrl-g binding for autopilot glide slope hold.
2001-06-13 j4strngsOops sorry
2001-06-12 j4strngsMartin Dressler's Airspeed Indicator
2001-06-11 curtInitial revision.
2001-06-11 curtUpdated for a more "sparkly" look.
2001-06-05 curt- bound Shift-F1 to load and Shift-F2 to save
2001-06-05 curtSynced with JSBSim as of June 5, 2001
2001-06-05 curtResync with latest JSBSim as of June 5, 2001.
2001-06-04 curt- fixed bug with ',' and '.' for differential braking...
2001-06-04 curt- made elevator trim buttons more sensitive (i.e. slower)
2001-06-04 curt** joysticks.xml
2001-06-04 j4strngsNew Attitude Indicator
2001-06-01 curtUpdates to match recent simgear/flightgear code changes.
2001-05-29 curtUpdated to match code changes.
2001-05-29 curtRestore old keyboard defaults.
2001-05-23 curtAdded support for keyboard bindings in keyboard.xml
2001-05-23 curtInitial revision.
2001-05-16 j4strngsDeprecated default.xml
2001-04-20 curtUpdated Canadian information.
2001-04-20 curtInitial revision.
2001-04-20 curtUpdated water textures.
2001-04-19 j4strngsOops. Fixed for larger panel bg's
2001-04-18 j4strngsresized background
2001-04-17 curtInitial revision.
2001-04-17 curtSync with the latest JSBSim cvs.
2001-04-06 curtSync with JSBSim.
2001-04-06 curtRemoved old deprecated reset00 files, updated JSBsim...
2001-04-02 curtEngine updates.
2001-04-02 curtUpdated JSBSim files.
2001-03-30 curtUpdates from the latest JSBSim.
2001-03-29 j4strngsMoved marker beacon lights to left of DME
2001-03-29 j4strngsfixed brake indicator
2001-03-29 curtLeave a wee bit of little light at night.
2001-03-16 j4strngsNorman Vine's fix for squashed HUD ladder
2001-03-14 curtAdded range tables for various VOR types.
2001-03-03 j4strngsaugmented Curts fixes
2001-02-25 curtUpdated some property names in the code so I had to...
2001-02-25 curtAdded an entry for <field-of-view>
2001-02-02 curtUpdates to navaid database.
2001-01-31 j4strngsErrmm... mumble crosswind
2001-01-29 j4strngsWorkaround for altimeter datum being zeroed on reset
2001-01-27 curtChanged default mixture to 0.8
2001-01-16 j4strngsNew preferences.xml
2001-01-05 curtAdded /environment/visibity.
2001-01-05 curtInitial revision.
2000-12-22 j4strngsAdded hi resolution textures
2000-12-22 j4strngsAdded hi resolution textures
2000-12-20 curtUpdated data based on Robin's 2.32 AptNav release.
2000-12-12 j4strngsDefault Scenery with land use data
2000-12-12 j4strngsDefault Scenery with land use data
2000-12-11 j4strngsAdded 2nd half of default area (oops)
2000-12-11 j4strngsfix my screw up
2000-12-05 curtAdded night/ground light coverage values.
2000-12-05 curtMoved rocks-desert into terrain textures.
2000-11-23 j4strngschanged bg color, renamed panel file
2000-11-23 j4strngsrenamed
2000-11-16 j4strngsUpdated FDM file
2000-11-16 j4strngsFixed my screw-up (bitten by name clash)
2000-11-16 j4strngsUpdated default panel path for rename
2000-11-16 j4strngsREnamed
2000-11-16 j4strngsRenamed for clarity
2000-11-16 j4strngsRenamed for clarity
2000-11-16 j4strngsRenamed file to eliminate confusion
2000-11-14 curtUpdates from JSBSim.
2000-11-11 j4strngsSlimmed down needles
2000-11-10 j4strngsRenamed file
2000-11-10 j4strngsAdded X15 stuff
2000-11-10 j4strngsAdded X15 instruments
2000-11-10 j4strngsAdded X15 stuff