2004-12-19 ehofmanSync. w. latest scenery build.
2004-12-17 davidDecrease aileron/elevator/rudder sensitivity near the...
2004-12-17 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-12-17 ehofmanChris Metzler:
2004-12-16 daveluffWrap runway textures in the symetrical v direction...
2004-12-16 ehofmanSome small cosmetic updates.
2004-12-16 ehofmanSet sound volume to a sane value.
2004-12-14 ehofmanSome small updates.
2004-12-13 andyDocumentation for the new "contra" attribute on propell...
2004-12-13 ehofmanMelchior: ccording to Roy, the c310 patch should also...
2004-12-13 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-12-13 ehofmanAdd gear animations.
2004-12-13 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-12-13 ehofmanThere was no electrical output to power the nav radio.
2004-12-12 curtLatest updates from Lee:
2004-12-12 curtLatest updates from Lee:
2004-12-12 curtLatest updates from Lee.
2004-12-12 curtUpdate to tall radio tower model.
2004-12-10 ehofmanAdd gear door animations.
2004-12-09 ehofmanAdd flap animations
2004-12-09 curtCitation-II updates.
2004-12-08 ehofmanAdd animations for rudder, elevator, ailerons and prop...
2004-12-06 ehofmanAdd exhaust pipes and some small cosmetic updates.
2004-12-05 ehofman3d model adjustments
2004-12-05 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-12-05 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-12-05 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-12-04 curtNav instruments now check power on /systems/electrical...
2004-12-04 curtMore /radios -> /instrumentation property name changes...
2004-12-04 curtMissed some instrumentation overall changes.
2004-12-04 ehofmanUpdated livery.
2004-12-03 curtFix the default radio frequencies.
2004-12-03 curtRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-12-03 curtNew medium height radio tower model by Frederic Bouvier...
2004-12-03 curtNew generic splash screen by Erik Hofman.
2004-12-03 ehofmanAdd the textures again.
2004-12-03 ehofmanImproved 3d model, animations commented out temporarilly
2004-12-02 ehofmanFix a mistake.
2004-11-30 ehofmanUse the current version of the Nimitz, not the future...
2004-11-30 ehofmanComment out the nimitz for now.
2004-11-30 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-11-30 ehofmanFix a typo
2004-11-30 ehofmanBetter tank arrangement.
2004-11-30 curtRemove "crease" tag so that people without custom patch...
2004-11-29 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-11-29 ehofmanLatest upodates from Melchior et all.
2004-11-26 ehofmanMathias Fröhlich:
2004-11-24 curtSmall tweaks to the Citation configuration.
2004-11-23 curtSyd Adams:
2004-11-22 curtLatest revision of Lee's BAC-TSR2.
2004-11-22 curtLatest revision of Lee's AN-225.
2004-11-22 curtLatest revision of Lee's A-10.
2004-11-22 curtInitial revision of a 3d Citation-II model.
2004-11-19 curtMove the kr-87 adf from /radios to /instrumentation
2004-11-19 curtChanges to match Roy Ovesen's instrumentation code...
2004-11-19 curtMake the comments match reality.
2004-11-19 curtAdjust the gear compression distances.
2004-11-19 curtAdd new runway outline instrument configuration. This...
2004-11-18 curtInitial revision, added a light weight interface on...
2004-11-16 ehofmanStrip DOS line endings.
2004-11-16 ehofmanMathias Frohlich:
2004-11-16 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-11-16 ehofmanFrederic: These buildings are the Oracle headquarter...
2004-11-15 curtInitial revision of a dynamics model for a Cessna Citat...
2004-11-13 ehofmanVivan Meazza:
2004-11-13 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-11-12 curtSid Adams:
2004-11-10 ehofmanMelchior: Fix parking-brake issues.
2004-11-08 ehofmanRemove some obsolete files.
2004-11-08 ehofmanOliver C.:
2004-11-08 ehofmanLet GA tower communications and GA traffic be command...
2004-11-07 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-11-07 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-11-01 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-11-01 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-31 ehofmanDave Perry:
2004-10-30 curtBeech 1900d by Syd Adams.
2004-10-29 ehofmanadd some status levels for Lee Elliott's and Vivian...
2004-10-28 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-10-28 ehofmanRemove DOS line-endings
2004-10-28 ehofmanAdd some status levels
2004-10-28 ehofmanBoris Koenig:
2004-10-28 ehofmanMove the submodels from the /systems proprty subtree...
2004-10-28 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-10-26 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-24 ehofmanAdd loadxml/savexml commands and textbox gui dialog.
2004-10-22 ehofmanFix texture names and remove DOS line-endings.
2004-10-22 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-10-22 ehofmanBoris Koenig:
2004-10-20 ehofmanLatteral and longitudal accelerations (in G's) don...
2004-10-20 ehofmanDirectly updating the right properties doesn't work...
2004-10-19 curtInitial revision of Syd Adam's DHC-2 Beaver.
2004-10-18 ehofmanEric Hathaway:
2004-10-17 curtConcorde v1.3 patches from Thierry in France.
2004-10-17 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-17 ehofmanchange an emaul address.
2004-10-16 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-16 ehofmanAdd a protocol for the ACMS protocol which seems to...
2004-10-16 ehofmanMake a distinction between UNIX and Windows and add...
2004-10-15 ehofmanFix some bugs