2005-10-10 ehofmanStuart Buchanan:
2005-10-09 ehofmanAdjustments as sugested by Martin Spott.
2005-10-08 ehofmanAdd animations again.
2005-10-08 mfranz'unhide' hidden feature: splash screen title line;...
2005-10-08 ehofmanAdd some missing files.
2005-10-08 ehofmanatest updates.
2005-10-08 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN: Add a (test) WxRadar instrument.
2005-10-06 mfranzfix gunsight switching/dimming
2005-10-06 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2005-10-05 andyStale file removal after the most recent change.
2005-10-05 andyHuge chunk of files that got dropped from the last...
2005-10-05 andyChanges from Ampere (including a gargantuan directory...
2005-10-05 curtLee Elliott:
2005-10-05 curtLee Elliott:
2005-10-04 ehofmanJoystick updates. Remove an ancient windows specific...
2005-10-02 mfranzperset Nimitz carrier TACAN channel (029Y)
2005-10-02 mfranzno more fixed coords -> use layouter
2005-10-02 mfranzadd carrier keys to <help> section (reviewed by Vivian)
2005-10-02 daveluffMD41 GPS annunciator and NAV-GPS switch unit
2005-10-02 daveluffSupport for gps annunciator and nav-gps switch
2005-10-02 mfranzunzip -> untar -> gzip
2005-10-02 mfranzfix the dark emblem square that appears with Aircraft...
2005-10-02 ehofmanTexture updates.
2005-10-02 mfranzVivian MEAZZA:
2005-10-01 ehofmanAdd a file that was left in a previously non-exsistent...
2005-10-01 ehofmanAdd missing files.
2005-10-01 ehofmanAdd misiing file
2005-10-01 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2005-09-29 mfranzomit hull shadow
2005-09-28 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2005-09-25 ehofmanAdd Mark Miller's c150 vintage look livery.
2005-09-20 curtRemove old FAQ maintainer's address.
2005-09-19 curtSyd Adams:
2005-09-18 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN:
2005-09-12 curtSyd Adams:
2005-09-09 curtCurt Olson:
2005-09-09 curtgearDown() expects a number either < 0 or > 0 to specif...
2005-08-25 ehofmanDefault start in Fair weather
2005-08-25 ehofmanWindows fixes from Bass Pumped.
2005-08-23 curtOff indicator when volts drop below 20.
2005-08-22 ehofmanUpdate to recognize the 'Saitek Cyborg Evo'
2005-08-22 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN:
2005-08-18 andyUpdate from Ampere
2005-08-18 ehofmanSome more 3d updates, add the -set file and the first...
2005-08-18 ehofmanAdd the baseline Advanced F-16 derative aircraft config...
2005-08-16 curtLee Elliott:
2005-08-12 curtLee Elliott:
2005-08-06 curtSyd Adams:
2005-08-06 curtSyd Adams:
2005-08-06 curtAdd newline at end of the file.
2005-08-03 curtSyd Adams:
2005-08-02 andyUpdates from Josh:
2005-07-31 ehofmanUpdate the texture width to match 512 instead of 513 :-(
2005-07-31 ehofmanUpdate an old splash screen.
2005-07-31 ehofmanReorder the transparent objects.
2005-07-31 ehofmanUpdate the tires a bit
2005-07-31 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN:
2005-07-31 ehofmanTorsten Dreyer:
2005-07-31 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2005-07-31 ehofmanMathias Fröhlich:
2005-07-31 ehofmanoptions.xml
2005-07-31 ehofmanRemove now unused data.
2005-07-28 ehofmanFurther improvements.
2005-07-24 ehofmanFurther improvements and refinements.
2005-07-23 ehofmanFirst attempt at modelling the Cirrus SR-20.
2005-07-18 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN:
2005-07-18 curtThomas Markowitz: adjust audio levels for better listening.
2005-07-14 mfranzFrederic Bouvier: remove wire shadows
2005-07-13 mfranzglass & halos don't cast shadows
2005-07-13 mfranzmake text color a bit brighter
2005-07-13 mfranz- consider F10/F9 key changes in help screens
2005-07-13 mfranz- move "Toggle FDM data logging" from Shift-F10 to...
2005-07-13 mfranzfix input field color
2005-07-13 mfranzallow to cycle through available styles
2005-07-13 mfranzmoved to styles/
2005-07-13 mfranzload both available styles (of course, fgfs shouldn...
2005-07-13 mfranz- create styles directory
2005-07-11 mfranzxml syntax fix
2005-07-11 mfranzfix the mess that I caused a while ago: extract the...
2005-07-11 mfranzxml syntax fixes
2005-07-11 mfranzXML syntax fixes (-- in comments wouldn't be allowed...
2005-07-11 mfranzoh, and not <systems> with <systems> :-]
2005-07-11 mfranzdon't close <hydraulics> with <hydraulics> (note missi...
2005-07-11 mfranzdon't close <FG_TURBINE> with </FG_SIMTURBINE>
2005-07-11 mfranzfix typo; rule instead of underscores
2005-07-11 mfranzcleanup (setting "combo" properties doesn't work due...
2005-07-10 mfranzdrop "noshadow" object name prefixes; use "noshadow...
2005-07-08 mfranzstyle resembles original style much better now; dialogs...
2005-07-08 mfranzfix a few mistakes
2005-07-08 mfranzdocument global color/font settings (themes)
2005-07-08 mfranzfont name change due to license requirements
2005-07-08 mfranzmake "OK" the default button
2005-07-07 mfranzinclude the style file
2005-07-07 mfranz- simple style file, that is supposed to eventually...
2005-07-06 ehofmanRemove artificial shadow
2005-07-05 ehofmanAdd the noshadow animation type
2005-07-05 mfranz<format>s are only applied again on updated values...
2005-07-05 ehofmanDepreciate the old-pilot-offset-dialog.
2005-07-04 ehofmanDepreciate the old-load/save-dialog code.
2005-07-04 ehofmanUpdate timeofday