2004-11-19 curtAdd new runway outline instrument configuration. This...
2004-11-18 curtInitial revision, added a light weight interface on...
2004-11-16 ehofmanStrip DOS line endings.
2004-11-16 ehofmanMathias Frohlich:
2004-11-16 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-11-16 ehofmanFrederic: These buildings are the Oracle headquarter...
2004-11-15 curtInitial revision of a dynamics model for a Cessna Citat...
2004-11-13 ehofmanVivan Meazza:
2004-11-13 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-11-12 curtSid Adams:
2004-11-10 ehofmanMelchior: Fix parking-brake issues.
2004-11-08 ehofmanRemove some obsolete files.
2004-11-08 ehofmanOliver C.:
2004-11-08 ehofmanLet GA tower communications and GA traffic be command...
2004-11-07 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-11-07 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-11-01 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-11-01 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-31 ehofmanDave Perry:
2004-10-30 curtBeech 1900d by Syd Adams.
2004-10-29 ehofmanadd some status levels for Lee Elliott's and Vivian...
2004-10-28 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-10-28 ehofmanRemove DOS line-endings
2004-10-28 ehofmanAdd some status levels
2004-10-28 ehofmanBoris Koenig:
2004-10-28 ehofmanMove the submodels from the /systems proprty subtree...
2004-10-28 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-10-26 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-24 ehofmanAdd loadxml/savexml commands and textbox gui dialog.
2004-10-22 ehofmanFix texture names and remove DOS line-endings.
2004-10-22 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-10-22 ehofmanBoris Koenig:
2004-10-20 ehofmanLatteral and longitudal accelerations (in G's) don...
2004-10-20 ehofmanDirectly updating the right properties doesn't work...
2004-10-19 curtInitial revision of Syd Adam's DHC-2 Beaver.
2004-10-18 ehofmanEric Hathaway:
2004-10-17 curtConcorde v1.3 patches from Thierry in France.
2004-10-17 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-17 ehofmanchange an emaul address.
2004-10-16 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-16 ehofmanAdd a protocol for the ACMS protocol which seems to...
2004-10-16 ehofmanMake a distinction between UNIX and Windows and add...
2004-10-15 ehofmanFix some bugs
2004-10-15 ehofmanFix a bunch of typo's
2004-10-15 ehofmanAdd a generic playback protocol, in preparation for...
2004-10-15 ehofmanRemove DOS line endings.
2004-10-14 ehofmanRoy Vegard Ovesen:
2004-10-14 ehofmanThis one includes the smooth shaded 737 and tu154B...
2004-10-14 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-10-13 davidAdded standalone localizers for CYTZ (Toronto/City...
2004-10-11 ehofmanSlightly adjust Cma
2004-10-10 ehofmanHaim GERON:
2004-10-10 ehofmanSmooth some more static scenery objects."
2004-10-10 ehofmanFrederic: I removed the hole and other artefacts around...
2004-10-10 ehofmanFrederic: this is an updated version of the A320 to...
2004-10-07 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-10-06 ehofmanAdd Maik Justus
2004-10-03 ehofmanAdd ground effects
2004-10-02 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-10-02 ehofmanVivian: I missed a file out on the original.
2004-09-27 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-09-27 ehofmanAdjustments
2004-09-27 curtHave the hires screen shot menu item point to the right...
2004-09-25 ehofmanFix a typo.
2004-09-23 ehofmanAdd info about weight and Cd and modify eda
2004-09-23 ehofmanChange the type 'storm' to 'thunderstorm' and enable...
2004-09-22 ehofmanTweak the CG a bit.
2004-09-22 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-09-21 ehofmanAdd the pitching moment caused by the lift generated...
2004-09-19 ehofmanVivian Meazza:
2004-09-18 davidAdd Canadian ILS approach aids back in (at least until...
2004-09-18 ehofmanFix some mistakes.
2004-09-18 ehofmanAdjust for turboprop settings.
2004-09-18 ehofmanUpdate turboprop sound scheme.
2004-09-18 ehofmanI went to my local airport yesterday and much to my...
2004-09-17 ehofmanUpdate for recent versions of OpenAL.
2004-09-17 ehofmanPut the Fokker with it's feets on the ground again.
2004-09-16 ehofmanSmall updates.
2004-09-13 curtConcorde updates:
2004-09-13 curtLee Elliot:
2004-09-12 ehofmanAdjust the nose gear based on gearing instead of rudder.
2004-09-12 ehofmanMake notion of -1 for count
2004-09-12 ehofmanAdjust the locations of the engines, tanks, CG, Eyepoin...
2004-09-12 ehofmanSync. w. Melchior's version.
2004-09-12 ehofmanAC3D-ify the model a bit.
2004-09-12 ehofmanAdd a 3d cockpit and some altitude.
2004-09-11 ehofmanUs ethe steering angle rather than the rudder deflection.
2004-09-10 curtPreparations for the 0.9.6-pre1 release.
2004-09-09 ehofmanAdd an example submodels definition file.
2004-09-08 ehofmanA small set of pending updates.
2004-09-08 ehofmanAdd support for directional audio.
2004-09-06 daveluffExperimental reduction of in-cabin engine and prop...
2004-09-06 daveluffATIS voice file was far too quiet - normalised it to 0dB
2004-09-06 daveluffEnable ATC by default
2004-09-05 ehofmanProof of concept that adding more than one submodel...
2004-09-05 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-09-04 davidRevert all changes since 1.2, and put the Cub back...
2004-09-03 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-09-02 ehofmanRework the wing root casing, give the horizontal stabil...
2004-09-01 ehofmanAdd drag due to compressibility and make sure that...