2003-09-09 ehofmanScale to default OpenGL lighting values
2003-09-09 ehofmanSimplify the materials file by largely relying on the...
2003-09-07 ehofmanA weak attempt to add beaches. We might want to remove...
2003-09-06 ehofmanUpdate to match the latest version of aeromatic. Switch...
2003-09-05 curtYet another minor bug fix.
2003-09-05 curtNew centerline textures (need to be separated from...
2003-09-05 curtInitial revision.
2003-09-05 curtUpdated data including many more small airports (previo...
2003-09-05 curtUpdated airport data (including new airports from Robin...
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd blending animation
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd N1 dependent, blended animated propeller disks
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd real displacement textures
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd real displacement textures
2003-09-05 curtPlaceholder for low res version of diplaced threshold...
2003-09-05 curtAdded some preliminary displaced threshold textures...
2003-09-04 curtRemove depricated files.
2003-09-04 curtAdded an intermittant stream texture (often called...
2003-09-03 curtoops, more fixes to the yf23 model setup.
2003-09-03 curtUpdated based on newest data. Also many entries a...
2003-09-03 ehofmanAdd moving parts, 3d cockpit improvements, geometry...
2003-09-02 curtOops, point to the correct model.
2003-09-02 davidCorrect units.
2003-09-01 davidDocument the --ceiling option.
2003-08-29 ehofmanUpdate ambient lighting to reflect the code changes
2003-08-29 curtThe latest volley in the FlightGear lighting wars.
2003-08-29 curtFixed a few data problems.
2003-08-29 ehofmanA classical example of moving point around. But wait...
2003-08-29 ehofmanOops, I seemed to completeley have missed this one
2003-08-29 curtSlight file renaming to make things more consistant.
2003-08-29 curtInitial revision. Updated runways based on most recent...
2003-08-28 ehofmanGeomometry updates for the perfectionists
2003-08-28 curtRemove a metakit (mk4) database and replace it with...
2003-08-28 ehofmanGear animation updates
2003-08-28 curtLee Elliott:
2003-08-28 curtLee Elliott:
2003-08-28 curtLee Elliott:
2003-08-27 ehofmanRevert to previous values. If this hurts cockpit sight...
2003-08-27 ehofmanthis is only tweaks on models of the bridges and on...
2003-08-26 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2003-08-26 ehofmanAdd a 3D cockpit and some cosmetic updates
2003-08-26 ehofmanAdd aircraft animations created by Innis Cunningham
2003-08-25 ehofmanAdd the J-22 from Matevz Jekovec
2003-08-24 ehofmanAdd the Russ building by Frederic Bouvier"
2003-08-23 ehofmanAdd the 333 Bush Street building by Frederic Bouvier
2003-08-23 ehofmanAdd 50 Fremont, 44 Montgomery and 101 California street...
2003-08-23 ehofmanUpdated, lower polygon count Golden Gate bridge by...
2003-08-22 ehofmanNew and Improved Bay Bridge by Frederic Bouvier. Half...
2003-08-21 ehofmanAdd some basic texturing
2003-08-21 ehofmanAdd a level of realism property which can varry between...
2003-08-21 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2003-08-20 ehofmanNecessary updates
2003-08-20 ehofmanA first stab at an F-104 Starfighter model
2003-08-18 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier: this is an update to the Bank of...
2003-08-15 curtRemoved depricated files.
2003-08-15 ehofmanPut back in the highres texture of the buildup area
2003-08-15 ehofmanlimmit the vertice count. decrese texture sizes
2003-08-15 ehofmandecrease the texture sizes
2003-08-15 ehofmanDon't display the houses in buildup areas because you...
2003-08-14 curtLee Elliott:
2003-08-14 curtLee Elliot:
2003-08-14 curtNew halo texture from Erik.
2003-08-12 davidAdd XTZ localizer and ITZ localizer/glidescope for...
2003-08-05 curtNorman Vine:
2003-08-04 ehofmanAdd a /test/scene_lighting property to switch between...
2003-08-02 davidSome minor tweaks.
2003-08-01 curtAdd a default value for the flaps-servicable flag.
2003-08-01 curtMinor instrument adjustment.
2003-08-01 curtAdd initial defaults for engine failure parameters
2003-07-31 ehofmanAlex Perry:
2003-07-30 ehofmanSpeedbrake, thrust-reverse and texture updates
2003-07-29 ehofmanSome latest cosmetic updates
2003-07-29 ehofmanCosmetics
2003-07-29 ehofmanSmall corrections
2003-07-29 ehofmanUndercarriage is now retractable
2003-07-29 ehofmanAdd movin surfaces
2003-07-29 jimwBegin another round of cleanups on the 747 exterior...
2003-07-27 ehofmanCandlestick Park stadium by Frederic Bouvier
2003-07-27 ehofmanAdd engine components for the Fokker 50
2003-07-27 ehofmanLatest aeromatic generated file
2003-07-27 ehofmanNew twin engine turbo prop commuter aircraft: Fokker 50
2003-07-27 ehofmanAdd support for the SideWinder Precision Pro joystick
2003-07-26 jimwChanges to improve appearance with 16bpp depth buffers...
2003-07-26 jimwImprove appearance with 16bpp depth buffers.
2003-07-26 ehofmanImproved gear animation support
2003-07-26 jimwFix up for looking better with 16bpp depth buffers...
2003-07-25 ehofmanAdd a new hangar created by Frederic Bouvier
2003-07-25 ehofmanFix a small typo
2003-07-25 ehofmanAdd gear door animation
2003-07-24 curtLee Elliott: B52 reorg.
2003-07-24 curtLee Elliott: b52 reorg.
2003-07-24 curtLee Elliott:
2003-07-24 curtInitial revision.
2003-07-24 ehofmanCommit a file that I missed last time
2003-07-24 ehofmanRemove altitude damping
2003-07-24 ehofmananother A320 update, with F/O instruments, and moving...
2003-07-24 curtUse a cub specific electrical system rather than a...
2003-07-24 curtCreate a really limited electrical system for our cub...
2003-07-23 ehofmanAdd some instrumentation
2003-07-23 ehofmanSmall cosmetic updates
2003-07-23 ehofmanAd an Analog 4-axis 4-button joystick configuration