2004-07-21 curtUpdated for v0.9.5-pre2
2004-07-21 curtUpdates for v0.9.5-pre2
2004-07-21 curtLee Elliott:
2004-07-21 ehofmanAdd another name for the same device.
2004-07-21 ehofmanRemove obsolete files.
2004-07-21 ehofmanLatest updates from Ampere Hardraade, incl. FinAir...
2004-07-21 jimwDid some rough reworking of dc3 sound config for use...
2004-07-20 curtIn the yasim model, start adding support of the conditi...
2004-07-17 ehofmanRemove some antennas from the financial district, it...
2004-07-16 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-07-16 ehofmanUpdated file. left/right break doesn't work yet, b
2004-07-16 ehofmanFlatten the financial district to match the stock marke...
2004-07-15 ehofmanUpdate the scenery to 0.9.5
2004-07-15 curtUpdates for v0.9.5-pre1.
2004-07-13 ehofmanA large set of updates.
2004-07-12 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-07-08 davidAdd some basic instruments.
2004-07-07 curtInitial revision.
2004-07-06 curtInitial revision of Concorde submitted by Melchior...
2004-07-06 curtInitial revision of Vivian Meazza's Spitfire.
2004-07-05 ehofmanDavid Culp: Add a T38 splash screen.
2004-07-05 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-07-05 ehofmanFx a typo and add some modifications by David Culp.
2004-07-04 ehofmanLatest update.
2004-07-03 ehofmanSmall adjustments to be able to achive +9G
2004-07-03 ehofmanSome updated files per request of David Culp.
2004-07-03 ehofmanAdjust the MD-11 to the latest JSBSim changes.
2004-07-02 curtUpgrade to Lee's latest TSR2 model.
2004-07-02 curtLatest version of Lee's YF-23.
2004-07-01 curtUpgrade to Lee's latest AN-225 version.
2004-07-01 curtOops, missed these on my first try.
2004-07-01 curtUpgrade Lee's B-52F model to the latest version.
2004-07-01 curtUpgrade to the latest version of Lee's A-10. The newes...
2004-07-01 curtUpgrade to the latest version of Lee's A-10. The newes...
2004-07-01 curtRefinements to the Beech 99 model.
2004-07-01 ehofmanNew default scenario.
2004-07-01 ehofmanReorganize the demo scenario's and FlightPlans to get...
2004-07-01 ehofmanStart working on the 3d cockpit.
2004-07-01 ehofmanSlightly adjust the engine volume.
2004-07-01 ehofmanFlight Computer updates.
2004-07-01 ehofmanSlightly adjust the ngine volume.
2004-06-27 ehofmanMake the new livery accessible.
2004-06-27 ehofmanSome misc. updates to the flight controll, the sound...
2004-06-27 ehofmanDifferent livery.
2004-06-27 ehofmanStabalize the PID controllers again.
2004-06-27 ehofmanIlia Pavlenko: Here is an update for Tu-154: 3d-model...
2004-06-25 ehofmanAdd documentation about AI models.
2004-06-25 ehofmanAdd a Thermal and a Refualling scenario
2004-06-25 ehofmanRemove the thermal AIModel
2004-06-24 davidRemove keyboard binding.
2004-06-24 davidRemove fragile alias references in bindings and replace...
2004-06-24 davidAdd a menu entry to reinitialize the input subsystem...
2004-06-23 curtSlightly enlarge annunciator background size.
2004-06-15 ehofmanNew (approrpiate) colour scheme.
2004-06-14 curtSetup default values for mouse pointer hide feature...
2004-06-14 curtChange the fps toggle property name a bit and add a...
2004-06-14 curtSpecify a default initial state (off) for the property...
2004-06-14 ehofmanNeeded after the JSBSim change.
2004-06-14 ehofmanNeeded after the JSBSim change
2004-06-14 ehofmanSync w. JSBSim CVS
2004-06-13 ehofmanFix some problems which where introduced by the impleme...
2004-06-11 ehofmanOkay, maybe it was a good idea to assume that not all...
2004-06-11 ehofmanRevert to the previous version, after one target disapp...
2004-06-11 ehofmanSmall detail improvements.
2004-06-11 ehofmanAdd range selectors
2004-06-10 ehofmanMake use of the new radar/in-range property
2004-06-09 curtAdd back in tire rumble.
2004-06-09 curtFix a problem with stall warning not triggering.
2004-06-07 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-06-07 ehofmanAdd a checkbox for bump-mapping 2d clouds.
2004-06-06 ehofmanRemove DOS line endings.
2004-06-06 ehofmanRemove the left overs from the scenery transition.
2004-06-06 ehofmanMove the scenery terrain into its own directory structure.
2004-06-06 ehofmanMove the scenery objects into their own directory sructure.
2004-06-06 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ: Update instrument location case insensi...
2004-06-06 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-06-05 ehofmanUpdated MD-11 model from Ampere.
2004-06-05 curtElectrical system output to hsi is a floating point...
2004-06-03 ehofmanAdd the AIModel based air traffic subsystem from Durk...
2004-06-01 ehofmanLee Elliot:
2004-06-01 ehofmanSync with the latest version
2004-05-29 ehofmanAdd the matching scenario file.
2004-05-29 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-05-28 curtAllow a "threshold" value to determine which localizers...
2004-05-28 curtAdd a flag to specify if localizers should be automatic...
2004-05-28 ehofmanAdd some eye candy.
2004-05-28 curtThese old ils/nav data files are no longer used. They...
2004-05-26 curtRobin's most current navaid database (in his native...
2004-05-26 curtInitial revision of Robin's airway data set.
2004-05-26 curtUpdated fix data from Robin's latest data release.
2004-05-26 curtUpdated airport, runway, taxiway, windsock, beacon...
2004-05-24 ehofmanMelchior FRANZ:
2004-05-21 ehofmanDavid Culp:
2004-05-21 ehofmanUpdated normal textures.
2004-05-20 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-05-20 ehofmanAdd the normal textures for the bump-mapped 2d cloud...
2004-05-19 ehofmanAdd AI models enableing/disableing command line option...
2004-05-18 ehofmanMelchior: They are still completely made up, but good...
2004-05-18 ehofmanAdd a missing texture.
2004-05-17 ehofmanAdd the demo scenario.