Add an <input> section to this file so that a saved "truth" file can be
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / version
2008-12-19 curtAttempt to sort out the version number mess in preparat...
2008-10-30 curtTidy up for a source code "snapshot" release.
2007-12-11 durkRelease related updates:
2007-05-15 curtPreparation for 0.9.11-pre1 release.
2006-03-22 curtUpdate to match cvs source code.
2005-11-17 curtVarious changes.
2005-11-11 curtv0.9.9-pre3 updates.
2005-11-09 curtv0.9.9-pre2 updates.
2005-11-06 curtMatch version with source.
2004-12-21 curtUpdates in preparation for 0.9.8 release.
2004-09-10 curtPreparations for the 0.9.6-pre1 release.
2004-07-29 curtTweaks for 0.9.5 release.
2004-07-27 curtUpdated for 0.9.5-pre3
2004-07-21 curtUpdates for v0.9.5-pre2
2004-07-15 curtUpdates for v0.9.5-pre1.
2004-03-18 curtPrepair for next release.
2003-10-24 curtUpdates for 0.9.3
2003-10-16 curtBumped up to version 0.9.3-pre1
2003-06-04 curtUpdates to prepair for 0.9.2 release.
2002-12-05 curtUpdated for 0.9.1
2002-09-14 j4strngssync version number with latest change
2002-09-14 j4strngsbumped up version number to match what devel code is...
2002-05-30 curtBumped up the version number.
2001-07-16 j4strngschanged name of version file