Set the default menu font to Helvetica.txf in the preferences.xml file.
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / preferences.xml
2002-09-07 curtSet the default menu font to Helvetica.txf in the prefe...
2002-09-02 curtChanged the default nav frequencies to be more appropri...
2002-07-20 davidDocumented the new --disable-random-objects and
2002-07-04 curtUpdates to reflect adf property name changes.
2002-07-03 curtUpdates to adf property names.
2002-06-14 jimwfix problem with new chase view config. this btw illus...
2002-06-14 davidModify chase view to keep world-up vector.
2002-06-05 davidAdd initialization for dewpoint, and remove initializat...
2002-05-31 davidChanged default sea-level pressure to the standard...
2002-05-17 davidInitialize all five cloud layers.
2002-05-15 davidAdded more defaults for the environment.
2002-05-06 davidDefault values for base and gusting wind speeds.
2002-04-18 curtJim Wilson:
2002-04-11 jimwUpdate to viewmgr. Reference models in views for locati...
2002-04-09 davidAdd explicit types for all non-string properties. ...
2002-04-06 davidProvided some default property values, to use the cachi...
2002-04-05 jimwadded new viewer config stuff
2002-03-23 davidInitial mouse configuration support. This will be...
2002-03-02 davidIndentation cleanups from Martin Dressler.
2002-02-14 davidRetune COM1 away from KSFO ATIS.
2002-02-14 davidTune COM1 to KSFO ATIS (default starting airport).
2002-02-07 davidIntro music is now skipped by default.
2002-02-05 curtAdded pilot and chase view offset default values.
2001-12-18 davidAdded keybindings for selecting a current engine, for...
2001-12-17 davidAdded more default values under /controls, to make...
2001-12-12 davidHide the panel by default; the aircraft config files...
2001-12-11 davidAdded /sim/aircraft property back in, removed include...
2001-12-11 curtinclude c172-set.xml by default, removed depricated...
2001-12-10 curt"include" the default aircraft rather than setting...
2001-12-09 j4strngsmoved panel_2 into set files
2001-12-09 j4strngsremove unnecessary default for mixture
2001-12-09 curtUpdated defaults to remove <aero> and <fdm> specificati...
2001-12-08 j4strngss/konqueror/netscape/ as browser option
2001-12-08 j4strngswas still using <aircraft> to specify <aero>
2001-12-04 davidAdded default values for propeller pitch.
2001-12-03 j4strngsUpdated prefs from David M. Renamed prperty for gear...
2001-11-07 curtConverted to unix line endings
2001-11-06 j4strngsATIS parameters for Dave Luffs patch
2001-10-30 j4strngsadded default value 'true' for /sim/startup/trim
2001-10-30 j4strngsadd property to set default style on dg
2001-10-24 j4strngsrenamed option for VOR needle action
2001-10-23 j4strngsadded option to make VOR needle pivot instead of slide
2001-10-16 j4strngsAdded options for glidescope display to VOR instruments
2001-09-19 j4strngssupply default value for magneto selection (off)
2001-07-31 j4strngsrename panels
2001-07-23 curtDefault to jsb c172
2001-07-23 curt- modified commented out properties so that they will...
2001-07-13 j4strngs*** empty log message ***
2001-07-13 j4strngsAdded bat file for windows help
2001-07-03 j4strngsJW mini panel
2001-07-03 j4strngsJim Wilsons transparent mini-panel
2001-07-02 curt** Properties Renamed
2001-06-04 curt** joysticks.xml
2001-05-29 curtUpdated to match code changes.
2001-05-23 curtAdded support for keyboard bindings in keyboard.xml
2001-04-19 j4strngsOops. Fixed for larger panel bg's
2001-02-25 curtAdded an entry for <field-of-view>
2001-01-29 j4strngsWorkaround for altimeter datum being zeroed on reset
2001-01-27 curtChanged default mixture to 0.8
2001-01-16 j4strngsNew preferences.xml
2001-01-05 curtAdded /environment/visibity.
2000-11-16 j4strngsUpdated default panel path for rename
2000-11-11 j4strngsSlimmed down needles
2000-11-04 j4strngsChanged default /sim/panel/path
2000-11-02 curtAdded preferences.xml