Add an <input> section to this file so that a saved "truth" file can be
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / cloudlayers.xml
2008-12-20 stuartDisable ns, sc 3D layers - they will be improved later.
2008-12-19 fredbStuart Buchanan :
2008-12-14 stuartUpdated Cloud textures and layer definitions from Heiko...
2008-11-30 fredbNew cloud textures and layout from Heiko Schulz
2008-11-09 stuartChange reference to new Docs/README.3DClouds
2008-11-06 stuartUpdate 3D cloud definitions, to improve performance.
2008-10-26 fredb3D clouds from Stuart Buchanan. Need a recent driver...
2005-05-15 ehofmanHarald JOHNSEN: