remove README.Protocol and add a README that refers to the "real"
[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Translations / strings-default.xml
2007-07-12 mfranz--prop: there's no default anymore
2007-06-28 mfranzdocument <type> in --prop:[<type>:]<name>=<value>
2007-05-28 frohlichModified Files:
2007-05-05 mfranzrevert last: keep --props option because of option...
2007-05-05 mfranzremove all traces of --props (use --telnet instead)
2006-05-20 fredbAdd an option to enable ai scenarii from the command...
2005-12-22 ehofmanAdd ithe enable-/disable-save-on-exit and the season...
2005-07-31 ehofmanoptions.xml
2005-02-25 curtAdd a --aspect-ratio-multiplier=x.xx option.
2004-10-28 ehofmanBoris Koenig:
2004-08-23 ehofmanReorganize the options and add an Environment section.
2004-08-21 ehofmanAdd descriptions for the --propxy and -real-weather...
2004-08-15 ehofmanRemove an obsolete option for airport-id.
2004-08-06 ehofmanRemove a reference to old log-level information.
2004-05-19 ehofmanAdd AI models enableing/disableing command line option...
2003-11-13 ehofmanDepreciate NetworkOLK and add a description for the...
2003-09-15 curtAdd an option to specify a starting time of dawn, dusk...
2003-09-12 ehofmanAdd the abillity to control specular highlight
2003-09-10 davidDocumented --failure option.
2003-09-01 davidDocument the --ceiling option.
2003-07-16 davidAdded options to set up avionics from the command line:
2003-07-14 ehofmanMake it psosible to select either the 2d ot the 3d hud
2003-06-22 ehofmanAdd some new commandline options
2003-05-05 curtVarious tweaks, fixes, and corrections.
2003-04-17 ehofmanUpdate the description of the generic I/O option
2003-04-01 ehofmanAdd log-level to the list of available options
2003-03-25 ehofmanAdd generic output option
2003-03-21 j4strngsUpdated options from Erik Hofman
2003-02-21 davidDocument new options.
2002-12-30 davidDistance attenuation patch from Erik Hofman:
2002-11-18 curtAdded a "Presets" menu.
2002-11-17 curtCurt Olson:
2002-10-10 curtEric Hofman:
2002-10-02 curtFix the wrong text for the reset option.
2002-10-01 curtInitial revision.