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[fg:toms-fgdata.git] / Textures /
2007-05-13 mfranzs/asphault/asphalt/
2006-07-27 durkNew Textures for Mark's dynamic sun color change code...
2006-04-23 mfranzadjust colors
2006-04-22 mfranzthanks to Erik's texture map I can now drop empty.rgb...
2006-04-22 mfranznow even smaller: 576 Bytes on disk, 64 bytes in memory
2006-04-21 mfranznow really empty. Kind of.
2006-04-20 mfranzsave some texture memory by setting a very small 8x8...
2006-04-11 mfranzmoved start/stop frame to end; fix divider
2006-04-10 mfranzreplace sign textures by (ugly ;-) lower-res versions...
2006-04-09 mfranzsign fonts:
2006-04-04 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-31 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-30 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-29 curtNew city textures.
2006-03-27 curtRob Oates:
2006-02-11 fredbTextures needed for european airports
2005-11-08 ehofmanAdjust the white levels of the individual textures...
2005-10-23 ehofmanAdd winetr textures.
2005-10-23 ehofmanAdd a pond and a reservoir texture. update the Town...
2005-07-31 ehofmanUpdate the texture width to match 512 instead of 513 :-(
2005-07-31 ehofmanUpdate an old splash screen.
2005-04-24 ehofmanHarald Johnson:
2004-12-28 ehofmanAdd a new splash screen.
2004-12-03 curtNew generic splash screen by Erik Hofman.
2004-06-07 ehofmanFrederic Bouvier:
2004-05-21 ehofmanUpdated normal textures.
2004-05-20 ehofmanAdd the normal textures for the bump-mapped 2d cloud...
2004-04-05 ehofmanAdjust the color. General impression is it was too...
2004-04-04 ehofmanFrederic prevers this one over my previous one.
2004-04-04 ehofmanAdjust color and shape of the texture a bit.
2004-04-04 ehofmanAdded for Frederic's top/bottom cloud cloud layer patch.
2004-03-12 ehofmanTurn textures into grayscale to save texture memory
2004-03-12 ehofmanRemove unused alpha channel.
2004-03-11 ehofmanUpdated Dry Crop texture
2004-03-10 ehofmanUpdate the scattered clouds texture. The previous one...
2004-03-07 ehofmanUpdated scattered clouds texture to match the others...
2004-03-07 ehofmanRemove an unused texture file
2004-01-08 ehofmanRemove the alpha component to save some texture memory
2003-12-01 ehofmanAdd a smaller version of pa_tiedown.rgb
2003-11-23 ehofmanUpdate to remove some artifacts
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdd support for tundra and savanna coverage. Updated...
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdd tundra and savanna textures, adjust color settings...
2003-11-21 ehofmanMake it a bit less 'static'
2003-09-28 ehofmanUpdates. Mainly trying to remove repetitiveness and...
2003-09-28 ehofmanUpdates. Mainly trying to remove repetitiveness and...
2003-09-15 ehofmanAdd a bit more color
2003-09-15 ehofmanRemove the repetative patern
2003-09-15 ehofmanAdd a default airport cover
2003-09-12 ehofmanEnhancements and fixes
2003-09-07 ehofmanA weak attempt to add beaches. We might want to remove...
2003-09-05 curtInitial revision.
2003-09-05 ehofmanAdd real displacement textures
2003-09-05 curtPlaceholder for low res version of diplaced threshold...
2003-09-04 curtAdded an intermittant stream texture (often called...
2003-08-14 curtNew halo texture from Erik.
2003-07-08 davidAnother, less elegant splash screen.
2003-07-08 jimwProposed Wright Flyer splash image
2003-06-04 curtBack out the changes to cropgrass.rgb and drycrop.rgb...
2003-06-04 curtThe low/default resolution of terrain textures should...
2003-05-25 jimwFixed aspect ratio
2003-05-19 curtUpdates to splash screens.
2003-05-16 jimwAdded splash with P-51D
2003-05-13 ehofmanUpdate to more natural colors
2003-05-04 jimwscattered cloud texture. Jim Wilson.
2003-05-04 ehofmanremove some artifacs, match the colours more closely...
2003-04-30 curtReduced low res versions of these textures to 256x256...
2003-04-30 curtUpdated mixed crop texture from Erik Hofman.
2003-04-25 ehofmanUpdated crop textures to make them match and make them...
2003-04-18 ehofmanRemove some artifacts
2003-04-06 ehofmanUpdate to real world colours
2003-04-05 davidUse "coverage" instead of "type".
2003-03-05 curtErik Hofman:
2002-11-03 j4strngsImproved airport textures via Erik Hofman
2002-10-14 davidThis patch add modified (under the surface) reflections...
2002-10-14 davidUpdated textures from Erik Hofman.
2002-09-27 davidNew terrain textures from Erik Hofman.
2002-09-08 j4strngsfix copyright attribution
2002-09-05 curtErik Hofman:
2002-09-04 davidAdded new textures for barren rock, shrubland, and...
2002-08-05 davidNew texture from Erik Hofman to supply a slightly less...
2002-08-04 davidNew texture from Erik Hofman:
2002-07-30 j4strngsNew splash screen from Cameron Moore
2002-07-30 j4strngsMaking way for new splashscreen
2002-07-30 curtOverwrite Splash1.rgb (which is our oldest splash scree...
2002-07-18 davidNew terrain textures from Erik Hofman.
2002-07-04 davidNew mixed crop texture from Erik Hofman.
2002-06-28 davidNew crop textures from Erik Hofman. For now, irrcrop...
2002-02-01 davidAdded Town material and texture.
2001-12-15 davidAdded materials for roads and railroads.
2001-11-29 curtRemoved this texture because it came from a Microsoft...
2001-09-03 curtInitial revision.
2001-06-22 curtAdded taxiway textures.
2001-06-11 curtUpdated for a more "sparkly" look.
2001-04-20 curtInitial revision.
2000-12-05 curtMoved rocks-desert into terrain textures.
2000-11-08 curtUpdated terrain textures.
2000-11-06 curtInitial revision.
2000-11-03 curtAdded some material aliases.
2000-11-03 curtRemoved.
2000-11-03 curtRemoved ...