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2006-04-23 mfranzadjust colors
2006-04-04 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-31 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-30 curtRob Oates:
2006-03-29 curtNew city textures.
2006-03-27 curtRob Oates:
2004-04-05 ehofmanAdjust the color. General impression is it was too...
2004-03-12 ehofmanRemove unused alpha channel.
2004-03-11 ehofmanUpdated Dry Crop texture
2004-03-07 ehofmanAdd a (well known) resgrid texture file
2004-01-08 ehofmanRemove the alpha component to save some texture memory
2003-12-20 ehofmanAdd an 18th century city texture
2003-11-22 ehofmanAdjust the color settings
2003-08-15 ehofmanPut back in the highres texture of the buildup area
2003-06-04 curtBack out the changes to cropgrass.rgb and drycrop.rgb...
2003-04-30 curtUpdated mixedcrop texture from Erik Hofman.
2003-04-25 ehofmanUpdated crop textures to make them match and make them...
2003-03-05 curtErik Hofman:
2002-08-04 davidRemoved because of new regular texture from Erik Hofman.
2001-04-20 curtInitial revision.